Wuben AS5 Flashlight Nylon Pouch Holster

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The WUBEN AS5 flashlight Holster is a pocket for carrying the Wuben AS5 flashlight and more.

It is made of durable nylon and velcro, and is very comfortable to use. Just pull to open the holster thanks to the powerful velcro it is equipped with. On the back there is a large plastic D-ring that allows the flashlight, for example, to be attached to a carabiner. There are also belt loops and a loop that can be opened with velcro. The total dimensions are 130 mm while the dimensions from the furthest part up to where the head of the torch comes out are 94 mm

The WUBEN AS5 allows you to carry your AS5 for example on your belt or key ring and allows you to keep the flashlight and battery in safe conditions as it is not easy to detach. The two sides of the case and the battery case are elastic so they allow you to fit and tighten the flashlight that is inserted inside it.

On the side there is also an elastic pocket that allows the insertion of backup cells, in this way it is possible to carry two batteries, one inserted inside the flashlight and a second placed inside the holster and always ready for use.

Dimensions are 157mm x 35mm, fits WUBEN C3, E10, L50, L50S, TO40R, TO46R, TO50R, LT35Pro etc. and also to other brands similar to them or in general to flashlights in the 18650 or 21700 Li-ion battery format.

The Nylon material with which this holster is made is extremely resistant to bad weather and wear and is always kept clean and is therefore ideal for various outdoor activities.