Wuben E7 1800 lumens Rechargeable Headlamp

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The Wuben E7 1800 Lumens Rechargeable Headlamp is a remarkable piece of portable lighting technology that offers superior performance, versatility, and convenience. With a maximum brightness of 1,800 lumens, it is more than capable of lighting up even the darkest environments. This headlamp is designed to be ultra-compact and lightweight, making it the perfect companion for outdoor adventures, home use, and professional tasks.The Wuben E7 stands out for its impressive performance. With a maximum brightness of 1,800 lumens, it provides an extraordinary level of illumination, ensuring that you can see clearly in low-light conditions. The headlamp features two OSRAM LEDs, which are known for their reliability and efficiency in delivering powerful lighting. The 180-degree wide-angle illumination is particularly handy, as it provides a broad field of view, perfect for outdoor activities and professional tasks. Whether you're hiking, camping, working on a project, or just need to light up your surroundings, the Wuben E7 has you covered.The headlamp offers a total of 6 versatile lighting modes, including Turbo, High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. These modes are designed to cater to various scenarios and lighting needs. Whether you need a burst of intense light for a short time or a steady beam for hours on end, this headlamp has a mode to accommodate your requirements.One of the standout features of the Wuben E7 is its impressive 132-meter beam distance. This means you can clearly see objects and details that are quite far away, enhancing your visibility and safety in different situations.The design of the Wuben E7 is sleek and compact. It boasts dimensions of 2.38 x 0.94 x 1.10 inches, making it easy to carry and wear. The headlamp is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 80 grams (2.82 ounces). This compact and lightweight design ensures that you can comfortably wear the headlamp for extended periods without feeling burdened or fatigued.The Wuben E7 is powered by 18350 batteries, which are rechargeable through the TYPE-C charging port. These batteries offer an excellent balance between performance and portability, ensuring that you can power the headlamp efficiently. With the 18350 batteries, you can enjoy up to 60 hours of continuous use. However, what sets the Wuben E7 apart is its compatibility with an optional 18650 battery extender, which can significantly extend the runtime to an impressive 180 hours. This feature makes the headlamp suitable for extended outdoor adventures, overnight work, or emergency situations.The Wuben E7 comes equipped with a magnetic base and clip, which provide hands-free operation. The magnetic base allows you to easily attach the headlamp to magnetic surfaces or metal objects, providing convenient illumination while keeping your hands free for tasks. The clip offers an alternative way to secure the headlamp to your clothing, gear, or headgear, ensuring it stays in place as you move about.Additionally, the Wuben E7 supports gesture sensor technology, which enables you to control the headlamp with simple hand gestures. This feature adds another layer of convenience, allowing you to switch modes or turn the headlamp on and off without physically touching it.The Wuben E7 is built to withstand challenging conditions. It boasts an impressive IP68 waterproof rating, which means it can be submerged in water up to 2 meters deep for a duration of 1 hour. This level of water resistance ensures that the headlamp remains operational even in rainy or wet conditions. Additionally, the headlamp serves as an emergency charger for other devices, making it a valuable tool in emergency situations where power is needed to charge essential devices like smartphones. The headlamp is designed to endure rough handling, with an impact resistance rating of 1.5 meters. This ensures that it can withstand occasional drops and impacts without sustaining damage.In summary, the Wuben E7 1800 Lumens Rechargeable Headlamp is a powerhouse of a headlamp that offers exceptional performance, compact and lightweight design, dual battery options for extended use, hands-free operation, and versatile protection. This headlamp is designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and anyone who requires reliable and efficient illumination in various scenarios. Its sleek and lightweight design ensures that it's comfortable to wear for extended periods, while its impressive performance and beam distance guarantee that you can see clearly in the darkest environments. The addition of gesture sensor support, magnetic base, and clip makes it a convenient and practical lighting solution. Whether you're camping, hiking, working in low-light conditions, or simply need a reliable hands-free light source, the Wuben E7 has the features and performance to meet your requirements.

ANSI FL1  Standard Turbo High Med Low Strobe Sos
Output 1800~800~400
  Runtime 1Min+1Min+
/ /
132 Meters
  Intensity 4356 Candela
1.5 Meters
IP68 (2 meters underwater for 1 hour)
Weight 80g/2.82oz
Specification 60.6mm×24mm×28.01mm/2.38in×0.94in×1.10in(L×DXH)