WUBEN H5 Headlamp Multifunctional Flashlight

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The Wuben H5 is a multifunctional headlamp. It comes in a small cardboard box containing the Wuben H5 flashlight, battery (14500), charging cable, spare O-ring, wrist lanyard, head strap, user manual and warranty card. The Wuben H5 features a dual axis design for 360 ° rotation, allowing you to light at any angle in a second. H5 features magnetic design on both the tail of the light and the clip for hands-free operation.

When you've loaded the H 5 into the clip, it can be rotated 360 ° along two axes, allowing me to point it almost anywhere. This clip not only allows you to attach the light to the strap, but you can also easily clip it to a pocket. Or you can use the magnets built into the back of the clip to attach it to a ferrous surface. The tailcap of the Wuben H5 is also magnetic. The tailcap is also flat enough that it can easily be mounted on a tripod even if you don't have a ferrous surface to attach the magnet to. And if you place the Wuben 'H5 on its back with the optics facing up, there is a very flat surface that keeps the light directed upwards.

There is a single electronic switch to control the interface of the Wuben H5. It is located at the end of the head. It is large enough and easy enough to activate, is rubbery and offers great tactile feedback. Under the large switch there is also a LED status indicator which allows the battery level to be read. The Wuben H5 provides a light beam with an angular aperture of 175 degrees. There are 4 levels available: High, Med, Low and Moon while an SOS flashing level is also available. The Wuben H5 can be powered by a 14500 cell or alternatively by an AA Ni-MH cell. Depending on the power source the output levels and runtimes will vary. For example, the High level using a 14500 cell is 400 lumens while if an AA cell is used it will be 250 lumens. The maximum runtime instead is 120 hours on the 1 lumens level if a 14500 cell is used as power supply or it is 80 hours for an AA Ni-MH cell.

The dimensions of the Wuben H5 are very compact in fact they are 72 mm in length, 22.8 mm in the diameter of the body and 23.8 mm in the diameter of the head while the weight is only 43 grams without battery and 63 with battery.

Given its size and very light weight, the Wuben H5 is, for example, ideal for long walks in the open air but also for jogging. Even making sudden movements, the elastic band keeps the torch always stationary and in the correct position. The Wuben H5 is also useful as a normal EDC to always carry with you inside the jeans pocket, inside the pouch or bag. The magnetic tailcap is very useful on various occasions and allows the flashlight to be attached for example to a car door, a railing or any other metal surface. The elastic band is comfortable and the design that allows you to rotate the torch 360 ° is useful for shedding light exactly in the point where you want to illuminate


> Output: 400 Lumens (14500 Li-ion battery)
> Output: 250 Lumens ()AA Ni-MH battery)
> Beam Distance: 73 Meters
> Impact Resistance: 1.5 Meters
> Level Waterproof: IP68(2m underwater for 1h)
> Light weight: 43g/1.51oz(without battery)|63g/2.23Z (with battery)
> Specification: 72 mmx22.8 mm x 23.8 mm | 3.43in1.18in 0.94 in

WUBEN H5 Headlamp Multifunctional FlashlightWUBEN H5 Headlamp Multifunctional FlashlightWUBEN H5 Headlamp Multifunctional FlashlightWUBEN H5 Headlamp Multifunctional FlashlightWUBEN H5 Headlamp Multifunctional Flashlight