Wuben Lightok X1 12000 Lumens EDC Flashlight

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The Wuben X1 is a small and powerful flashlight for everyday use. A compact EDC and easy to carry. Its dimensions are 128.5 mm x 56 mm x 28 mm (Lx D x H ) while the weight is 379g with battery. This flashlight is comfortable to hold inside the palm of your hand. Its maximum output is 12000 lumens and the maximum reachable distance is 303 meters. The Wuben X1 is powered by a 2x 21700 4800mAh internal Li-ion cells already installed inside the torch and not removable. It allows you to keep the flashlight on for over 220 hours when you select the lowest Eco output level of 20 lumens. The battery is recharged via the integrated USB-C port and takes just 2 hours for a full charge. There are 7 available modes: Turbo from 12000 - 3000 lumens 303 meters of maximum reachable distance 23000 cd and 1 min + 1.7 hours of maximum runtime, High from 2600 lumens 134 meters of maximum reachable distance 4485 cd and 2 hours of maximum runtime, Med of 1000 lumens 77 meters of maximum reachable distance 1466 cd and 5.5 hours of maximum runtime, Low of 400 lumens 45 meters of maximum reachable distance 499 cd and 14 hours of maximum runtime, Echo of 20 lumens 14 hours of maximum runtime 9 meters away maximum reachable 21 candles, Strobe of 3000 lumens and SOS of 200 lumens.

The Wuben X1 is equipped with 3 powerful 6000K CREE 70.2 LEDs. Its maximum power is 27 W and it is equipped with fast charging.

Heat dispersion is ensured by an active heat dissipation system formed by a fan that reduces the temperature when the torch is turned on at the highest output levels.

The water resistance is given according to the IP55 standard while the impact resistance is 1 meter. Laterally this has glow in the dark slots that allow you to make the flashlight visible in the dark when you turn off the light. The design is particular and different from the classic design we are used to: its particular shape makes this flashlight captivating and elegant at the same time but also very comfortable and handy to use. The body is made entirely of metal, and the torch offers a feeling of absolute robustness thanks to the abundant thicknesses of the materials used.

The interface management switch is placed on the side, it is easy to operate and to find even in total darkness or if you are wearing gloves. It is electronic and slightly recessed in this way to prevent possible accidental switching on when carrying the light inside the backpack. In any case, the electronic lockout of the interface is always available.

The beam generated by the Wuben X1 is a wide beam, which allows you to illuminate a large area in the vicinity and also over medium distances and is useful for different types of scenarios. The design of this flashlight also makes it very comfortable to carry inside a jean or coat pocket or inside a backpack.

X-l Parameters
ANSI FL1 Standard Turbo High Med Low Eco Strobe SOS
output 12000~3000 2600 1000 400 20 3000 200
Lumens Lumens Lumens Lumens Lumens Lumens Lumens
Runtime 1min~1.7 Hours 2 Hour 5.5 Hour 14 Hour 220 Hour / /
Beam Distance  303 134 77 45 9 / /
Meters Meters Meters Meters Meters / /
Intensity 23000 4485 1466 499 21 / /
Candelas Candelas Candelas Candelas Candelas / /
LED 3 X CREEXHP70.2 6000K LED      
Impact Resistance 1 Meters          
waterproof IP55
Weight 379g (with battery)
Specifiation  128.5mm x 56mm x 28mm(L x D x H)