Wurkkos DL07 Mulit Color LED Flashlight

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The Wurkkos DL07 is a multifunction underwater torch capable of generating beams of different colors. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery model 26650 with cap that allows you to keep this flashlight on for a long time. The dimensions of this torch are 115 mm in length, it is 42 mm in diameter of the body, while the weight is 140 grams excluding the battery. Interface management is guaranteed by a single switch on the torch. This switch is of the ROTARY type with magnetic control which allows you to simply rotate it to control the different output levels. The flashlight is water resistant to I X -8 standard and submersible down to 100m depth, making this an ideal flashlight for scuba diving and underwater photography. The user interface is very simple: Vs rotate the magnetic control switch to the corresponding position to switch to the corresponding output level. The low battery warning function allows you to understand when the cell voltage is below three Volts the light will flash twice in a second to inform the user that it is time to charge the battery since the charge is low. There is also a high voltage protection, i.e. the flashlight does not turn on when the battery has a voltage higher than 4.4 volts, therefore it is possible in this way to protect the circuit from activations and damage caused by high voltage. It is also a protection against low voltage, i.e. when the cell has a voltage lower than 2.6 volts, the output is automatically deactivated to protect the battery and prevent it from being excessively discharged. The available output levels are as follows and selectable in sequence via the magnetic rotary switch: white spotlight, white flood light (high light), white flood light (low light), red light, ultraviolet light. This flashlight also has the reverse polarity protection circuit, therefore, if the user inserts the cell incorrectly inside the flashlight, there will be no damage to the LED circuits and internal parts. Temperature control allows you to ensure that the temperature of the torch does not rise too much when using high output levels. The body is entirely made of aeronautical aluminum alloy with a type III Premium odor finish which guarantees high levels of sturdiness and resistance. The thicknesses are abundant because they must guarantee resistance up to 100 m of depth to resist the pressure of the water. The threads are anodized and arrive well lubricated. On each thread there are double o-rings which guarantee perfect waterproofing and prevent water at great depths from penetrating inside the battery compartment. The flashlight is equipped with 1 CREE XPL-HI LED of 5400K 5700K, 4 LH351D 5000K 90 CRI LEDs with high color rendering, an XPR LED and a 365nm LG UV LED. The cell supplied in the package is a 5000 mAh 26650 rechargeable lithium ion.

Function setting:
1. Rotate the magnetic control switch arrow to the corresponding position to turn on the corresponding gear output.
2. Low battery reminder function: When the battery voltage is lower than 3V, the current brightness of the flashlight flashes 2 times per second to indicate insufficient battery;
3. High-voltage protection: When the battery voltage is greater than 4.4V when the battery is powered on, the flashlight cannot be turned on to protect the drive circuit from high-voltage damage;
4. Low voltage protection: when the battery voltage is lower than 2.6V, the output is turned off to protect the battery and prevent the battery from over-discharging

Operation method:
Rotate the arrow of the magnetic control switch to the corresponding position to turn on the corresponding gear output:
Shut down -> white spotlight -> white flood light (high light) -> white flood light (low light) -> red light -> ultraviolet light

Important features:
Circuit protection features:
①Battery anti-reverse: The circuit adopts circuit anti-reverse connection, which can reliably protect the battery reverse connection;
②Temperature protection: When working in a very bright position, a lot of heat will accumulate. The internal temperature control system of the flashlight keeps the temperature of the external barrel at about 50°, which enhances the user experience and protects the flashlight from overheating damage;
Structural features: Rotating magnetic control switch, super waterproof.