Wurkkos H25L USB Rechargeable 1200LM 18650 Headlam

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The Wurkkos H25L is a powerful and reliable LED headlamp, designed to deliver outstanding lighting performance in the most demanding situations. With a powerful combination of two LH351D LEDs, this headlamp offers excellent illumination with long battery life, making it ideal for outdoor use, camping, nighttime exploration and many other activities.

The Wurkkos H25L is constructed from high quality materials, with the flashlight head made of durable aluminum alloy and the elastic head band. This rugged construction ensures extended life and resistance to adverse weather conditions. Additionally, the headlamp has an IPX4 rating, making it resistant to splashes of water and suitable for use in light rain conditions.

The Wurkkos H25L is equipped with two highly efficient LH351D LEDs, which offer high brightness and excellent color rendering. These LEDs provide a bright, clear light, allowing you to see clearly even in poor visibility conditions. With the power provided by the 18650 battery, the headlamp offers reliable and long-lasting illumination for your night activities.

Using the Wurkkos H25L is very simple thanks to its intuitive user interface. One click turns the headlamp on or off, while holding down the button adjusts the desired brightness level. This allows you to easily adapt the lighting to different situations and personal needs.

The Wurkkos H25L comes with a convenient USB cable for battery charging, making the charging process quick and easy. The complete recharging time is approximately 7-8 hours, after which the headlamp is ready to be used at full capacity. The presence of a notification LED indicates the battery charge status, providing clear information on the progress of charging.

The Wurkkos H25L is available in two package versions: one with battery included and one without battery. In the complete package, in addition to the front, you will find a USB cable and a 3000mAh 18650 battery, while in the package without the battery, only the front and the USB cable will be included. This option allows users to choose the solution that best suits their needs, providing flexibility in the choice of power supply.

The Wurkkos H25L is a versatile companion for multiple outdoor activities and emergency situations. The elastic headband ensures a comfortable and secure fit, allowing you to wear the headlamp for long sessions effortlessly. The powerful LED lighting is ideal for camping, night exploration, hiking and other outdoor activities. Plus, the IPX4 rating and rugged construction make it suitable for outdoor use even in variable weather conditions.

The Wurkkos H25L is equipped with numerous protections to ensure safe and reliable use. Among these protections are overcharge protection, over discharge protection, reverse polarity protection, overheat protection, and low voltage protection. These features ensure that the headlamp operates safely and preventing any damage to the battery or device.

In conclusion, the Wurkkos H25L is a powerful, reliable and versatile LED headlamp designed to deliver superior illumination in a wide range of situations. With its durable design, powerful light source, simple user interface, and convenient charging, the H25L is ideal for camping, nighttime exploration, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The presence of numerous protections ensures safe and reliable use, offering a high quality front that can be used with confidence on any adventure. The Wurkkos H25L is sure to be a valuable addition to any outdoor enthusiast's outfit and a reliable solution for emergency situations.


☀LED Bulbs: 2* LH351D LED
☀Charging time:7-8 H
☀Waterproof Rate: IPX4
☀Power Supply:1*18650 Battery
☀Material: Aluminum Alloy Head Lamp + Elasticity Head Band


simple UI: click to turn on/off, press and hold to choose brightness levels while headlamp is on.

Package Include
Package Include (With Battery):
1*USB Cable
1*18650 Battery3000mAh

Package Include (No Battery):
1* Headlamp
1*USB Cable