Wurkkos HD20 USB C Rechargeable Headlamp

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The Wurkkos HD20 is a rechargeable head torch with an angular design and capable of delivering 2000 lumens to the Turbo. It is equipped with two different LED emitters, one of the Samsung LH351D 5,000 K 90 CRI type and the other Cree XP-L HD 5,000 K 70 CRI. The Samsung LED has high color rendering, therefore it means that it allows you to see the colors as if they were illuminated by daylight. It is ideal for use in natural environments or, for example, for not tiring your eyes when reading. The dimensions of the flashlight are 122mm in length while the diameter of the head is 30mm. The weight is 130 grams equal to 0.28 pounds without considering the battery. The water resistance is given according to the IP68 standard therefore the torch is submersible up to 2m depth without being damaged. The integrated ATR temperature control system automatically dims the flashlight when the driver temperature reaches 60°C. This prevents the flashlight from overheating and prevents damage to the internal parts of the flashlight, the LEDs, the circuits and the battery. The torch is also equipped with a Power indicator which allows you to understand the amount of residual charge in the cell every time the light is turned on: If the indicator lights up green, it means that the amount of charge is good, therefore it is greater than 30 %, if the indicator lights up red it means that the power is low therefore the capacity will be less than 30%, if the indicator flashes red it means that the cell capacity is critical therefore you need to charge or replace the battery as soon as possible possible. The torch also has low voltage protection so if the cell voltage drops below 2.7 volts the torch will automatically turn off the light to prevent the battery from being damaged by over discharge. The Wurkkos HD20 has a practical type-C charging port that allows you to charge the cell inside without having to take it out. The package is rich and includes, in addition to the flashlight, a wrist strap, spare o-rings, the headband, the battery tube adapter for 18650 cells, a belt clip, user manual, a Type-c charging cable, battery 21700 from 4800 milliamperes (only in the version with battery). The torch is able to deliver two completely different beams: a spot beam to illuminate over long distances and a totally flood beam to illuminate over short distances. The combined use of both beams is also possible to illuminate well both in the distance and in the immediate vicinity. The output levels are divided as follows: Turbo (1300 lumens spot, 700 lumens flood, 2000 lumens flood+spot), High (500 lumens spot, 350 lumens flood, 850 lumens flood+spot), Medium ( 150 lumens spot, 110 lumens flood, 260 lumens flood+spot), Basso (50 lumens spot, 35 lumens flood, 85 lumens flood+spot), Moonlight (1 lumen spot, 1 lumen flood, flood+spot of 2 lumens)