Acebeam X75 Micro-arc Oxidation Powerful Flashlight 70.3 HI

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The Acebeam X75 Micro-arc oxidation is the X75 version equipped with the latest generation XHP70.3 LEDs with a micro-arc oxidation process that makes it much more resistant to wear and corrosion than the classic hard anodizing. Its maximum output is 67000 lumens per Turbo capable of illuminating at a maximum distance of 1306 meters with a maximum light intensity of 426.409 cd. The optical part consists of 12 XHP70.3 LEDs imported from the United States with 6500K cold tint.

The Acebeam X75 is powered by a powerful and performing battery pack consisting of 4 cells 21700 lithium-ion 4.4 V / 4250 mAh, which thanks to the fast charge compatible with the PD protocol can be charged in just 1 hour and a half. Thanks to the boost circuit that the Acebeam X75 is equipped with and thanks to the dual fan cooling circuit, the acebeam X75 Micro-arc oxidation can illuminate with 20000 lumens for over half an hour or with 10000 lumens for over 1 hour.

The charging interface is compatible with the latest PD60 ~ 100W fast charging protocols. In addition, it is bidirectional so you can also use the flashlight as a normal power bank to recharge any type of USB device such as a smartphone, game console, camera, drone etc. etc.

 Acebeam X75 Micro-arc oxidation has an internal module for protection against overheating that is activated when the flashlight reaches too high temperatures: this allows to preserve and extend the life of the LED batteries and the internal circuits of the flashlight.

The wind cooling system guarantees perfect heat dissipation. The deep and thick dissipation fins help to quickly dissipate the heat produced by the powerful XHP70.3 when for example the flashlight is turned on on the High or Turbo level.

It is possible to use different modes, with or without the aid of heat dissipation fans.

The constant current circuit has an efficiency of up to 98%.

The user interface is simple and easy to manage thanks to the switches on the handle. It is possible to activate the turbo instantly, useful for example for emergency situations.

The available output modes are Ultra-Low 900 lumens, Low 2000 lumens, Med1 5000 lumens, Med2 11000 lumens, High 21000 lumens, Turbo 67000 lumens and Strobe 55000 lumens.

On the handle there is also the patented mechanical locking system that prevents accidental activation of the flashlight when, for example, it is carried inside a backpack.

The dimensions are 176 (length) x 92 (head diameter) x 127 (height including handle) mm / 6.93 x 3.62 x 5 inches and the weight is 1240 g / 43.7 oz (including battery ).

The package is complete with everything you need to be able to use the fn flashlight immediately. In addition to the Acebeam X75 Micro-arc oxidation flashlight we have a standard Type-C charging cable, a power supply for fast charging, a Nylon holster, spare O-rings, lanyard and user manual.