XTAR 1.5V Rechargeable AAA Battery

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The XTAR 1.5V Rechargeable AAA Battery (Button Top) with real capacity of 1100mAh was designed by XTAR for high performance and for use in high and low power devices. These types of batteries are composed of lithium-ion chemistry with a nominal voltage of 1.5V , Maximum discharge current: 1.5A (0℃ ~ 40℃), energy 1800mWh, operating temperature for charging 10℃ ~45℃ and for discharge -20℃ ~55℃. The high capacity of 1100mAh allows you to use this battery on your electronic devices for a long time. The construction quality of these cells ensures consistently high efficiency even after several years of use. XTAR guarantees the maximum energy efficiency of this cell for over 1200 recharge cycles. The low internal resistance and the high energy efficiency guarantee an always stable output voltage.

The XTAR 1100mAh AAA battery is also a safe product, in fact it is equipped with integrated protection against overcharging, against under-discharging and against short circuits. The innovative design with which this battery is made also ensures great resistance to shocks. ECO friendly because it can be recharged over 1200 times which is equivalent to 1200 non-rechargeable batteries. The dimensions are 10.3 ± 0.3 mm in diameter and 44.5 mm ± 0.5 mm in length while the weight is only 9g.

Widely applicable
Applies to many kinds of digital products that use AAA batteries,
such as kid's toy,remote control of smart furniture,micro radio,alarm clock, etc.

All-around built-in protection maintains long lifespan
Over-charge protection Over-discharge protection Short-circuit protection
Passed multiple safety tests,
Worldwide Guarantee, High-quality

Passed many international safety and quality certifications,such as RoHS,CE, and so on.
Insured worldwide by China Pacific Insurance CoLtd.

Can survive under extreme temperature
It was created to power your electronic apparatus even under extreme temperature-20°C~55°℃
Note: the ideal charging temperature is 10~45℃.


> Model: AAA 1.5V 1200mWh Li-ion battery
> Energy: 1200mWh
> Protected or not: Yes
> Nominal Voltage: 1.5V
> Maximum discharge Current: 1.5A(0~40℃)
> Working Temperature: charging:10~45℃discharging:-20~55℃
> Cycle Life: ≥1200 times
> Positive Pole(Button/Flat) : Button Top
> Size: Φ103+03mmxH445+0.5mm
> Net Weight: 9g