XTAR R30 1200 Sports Flashlight

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The XTAR R30 1200 is a linear flashlight in the 21700 format that XTAR defines as a sport flashlight. It is an upgrade of the previous R30 version, and has been improved in many respects. In fact, the output goes from 1000 lumens of the R30 to 1200 lumens of the R30 1200 with a Turbo runtime of 2.6 hours (previously it was only 2 hours). The charging interface has evolved into the Type-C standard while the cell used has passed from the 18650 of the previous model to the 21700 of the new R30 1200 model. The LED has also changed, in fact it has gone from XM-L2 U3 to more performing and powerful XP-L2.

The type C charging interface is also bidirectional, therefore it is possible to use the flashlight as a classic Power Bank to power, for example, your smartphone and tablet or any other device compatible with the USB port. There are four possible output levels and they are divided as follows: we have a 1200 lumens turbo with 2.6 hours of autonomy, a High level of 650 lumens with 3.4 hours of autonomy, a Medium level of 300 lumens with 9.1 hours of autonomy and a low 30 lumens with 70 hours of autonomy. The flashlight is powered by a single 4900mAh 21700 cell, 40% higher capacity than an 18,650 battery used in the previous model. The interface is simple, intuitive and manageable entirely in the single switch inside the flashlight. The memorization function of the last level using is also available. It will activate three seconds after the light goes out. The memorization function does not include the strobe and SOS levels. The switch for managing the interface is lateral and is rubberized and inside it has a status LED which indicates the amount of residual charge in the cell. When the steady Green LED means that the charge is between 25% and 100%, when the steady red LED means that the charge is between 25% and 18%, while when the Led Flashes red means that the charge is less than 18%. The body of the flashlight is entirely made of anodized aluminum, its length is 158.2 mm, while the diameter of the head is 36 mm, and the diameter of the body is 28.4 mm. The weight is 148 grams, battery excluded. The output levels are divided as follows: Turbo 1200 lumens and 2.6 hours of autonomy High 650 lumens and 3.4 hours of autonomy Medium 300 lumens and 9.1 hours of autonomy Low 30 lumens and 70 hours of autonomy Strobe 650 lumens and SOS of 650 lumens. The maximum distance reached is 226 m, while the maximum luminous intensity is 12,820 candles. The impact resistance is given according to the IPX6 standard, the resistance to falls is given up to 1.2m in height. In addition to the flashlight, the package also includes a 21700 battery, wrist strap, USB charging cable and user manual.

Model R30 1200
ANSI Turbo High Mid Low Strobe SOS
Luminance 1200lm 650lm 300lm 30lm 650lm 650lm
Runtime 2.6hrs 3.4hrs 9.1hrs 70hrs / /
Beam Throw 226m
Max Intensity 12820cd
Impact Resistant 1.2m
Waterproof IPX6
Size Φ36mm(Head) x Φ28.4mm(Body) x 158.2(Length)
Net weight 148g (Battery excluded)
Full set Package Include:
Flashlight, Li-ion 21700 battery, lanyard, USB cable, O-ring, user manual
Standard package include:
Flashlight, Lanyard, USB cable, user manual, O-ring