XTAR VC2L 18650 Battery Charger

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The XTAR VC2L is an automatic universal battery charger with two independent channels. It was born as an evolution of the previous model, from which it inherits all the features and improves some of them, with the addition of a standard Type-C charging interface. This charger comes in a small cardboard box with all the main features of the product on it.In addition to the charger, we also find the user manual in English and Chinese, a Type-C power cable and a practical bag transport.Vv. The VC2 is an independent channel multifunction charger and allows you to charge any type of NiMh / NiCd or Li-ion battery in a simple and safe way. Everything is managed automatically, in fact it is precisely the charger that intelligently chooses the charging current that best suits the battery we have inserted. automatically that the charging phase will start, choosing the correct charging current. This charger is also very safe, in fact there are some safety systems.We have the control system against overheating, against overcharging of the batteries and against incorrect insertion of the battery inside the charger.In addition to this, the charger is also equipped with an important feature that allows you to activate old cells with a blocked protection circuit or that show zero volts for example. This charger is made entirely of a particular fireproof and flame retardant plastic.Its workmanship is excellent, everything is taken care of in the smallest details. The materials used are of the highest quality. The display it is equipped with is large and bright, it is backlit and all the information on the charging progress is shown for each channel. The view of the display is always perfect from any angle. There is an energy saving function that allows you to activate and deactivate the backlight of the display at will. The batteries can be inserted into this charger very easily thanks to the contact on the negative pole that slides very smoothly on its seat. The lower part of the charger has small rubber feet that guarantee a perfect grip with the surface where it is placed.A small button under the LCD display allows you to scroll and view the different information of the various channels on the display. 5 seconds you can turn off the backlight of the LCD display.This charger differs from the previous model VC2 in that it has a maximum input which can go up to 2.1A, It is equipped with a type-c port, a maximum charging current of two amperes, and can be manually selected, a charge current between 1 amp, 2 amp and 0.5 amp. XTAR VC2 charger, tell you the real capacity of your battery. On the basis of retaining all the functions of VC2S, the VC2SL uses USB-C input port and can charge protected 21700 batteries