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The 6 smallest keychain flashlights Worth To Consider

Would you like a flashlight to always carry with you and always keep close at hand? Do you often stay in the dark and need to use your smartphone's flashlight to light up? Do you come home and the road is dark and you would like to light up the ground so you don't step in a puddle, or you can't find the keyhole of the house and you would like a little light that instantly allows you to light up where necessary? Have you ever used the flashlight on your smartphone by overheating it or draining its battery quickly? If at least one answer to this question is Yes, it means that you probably need a small EDC flashlight to attach to your house or car keys. The EDC keychain torches are very small and very light torches, often their weight does not reach 20g and their dimensions are a few centimeters. These lights are so small that you forget you have them. They are comfortable to keep in your pocket, inside a backpack or inside a handbag but they are even more comfortable to keep attached to a set of keys that are always ready for use. But don't be fooled by their size and compact shape because they are often small extremely performing technological jewels capable of releasing a very powerful light when compared to the size of their body. On sale there are various models for all demanding, on different price levels and with different powers. They are often equipped with small lithium cells that can be recharged via micro-USB or Type-C charging interfaces, therefore it is possible to recharge them with any standard cable. They can be made of aluminum or plastic and can be equipped with a single LED or also have auxiliary colored or ultraviolet LEDs for banknote checking. In some cases they are also made entirely of more precious materials such as copper and titanium to be even more elegant. Below we will list among the infinite number of models available the 5 smallest existing key torches:

Olight i1R 2 PRO

Olight i1R2 PRO

It is a small 180 lumen EDC flashlight powered by a very small 130 mAh rechargeable Li-ion 10220 cell. There are only 2 possible output levels: High mode of 180 lumens with a maximum autonomy of 23 minutes and a maximum reachable distance of 48 meters. In this mode, the maximum brightness is 580 cd. Low Mode of 5 lumens with an autonomy of over 12 hours and a maximum reachable distance of 10 meters. In this case the maximum brightness is 25 candles.

The dimensions of the i1R 2 Pro are only 51.3mm x 16.2mm, while the weight was only 22g including the battery. The water resistance is IPX8 while the shock resistance is guaranteed up to 1.5 meters. The optical part includes a TIR total reflection lens for a clean and well-balanced beam. The i1R Pro has a non-removable integrated battery. To charge the internal battery, the Type-C charging interface is on the side of the flashlight.

Next to the charging interface, there is a LED charging indicator that turns red to indicate that the battery is charging or green when charging is complete. The charging time is 100 minutes. The user interface is very simple and easy to use: to turn on the flashlight, just screw the head all the way. To switch from one level to another, unscrew and screw the head twice. The body of the Olight i1R Pro is made of aluminum and has a slight knurling that improves grip.

Olight iTHX

Olight iTHX

It is the special version of the Olight 1R2 that Olight has decided to make as a thank you to its fans. The Olight iTHX is a very small keychain torch with extremely small dimensions and which can always be carried with you inside the jeans pocket of the bag or pouch. The torch comes in two different colors: Evergreen (represents growth and hope) and Wine Red (grateful hearts). This flashlight features a micro USB charging interface that allows you to fully recharge the battery in just 75 minutes. This flashlight is very light, in fact it weighs only 15 grams. The user interface is very simple: switching on and changing brightness takes place very quickly, simply by rotating the head. In fact, just turn your head slightly to turn on the light at 5 lumens and turn your head further to switch to the maximum level of 150 lumens. The Olight iTHX is powered by a 70 mAH 3.7 volt lithium-ion cell, which allows you to keep this flashlight on for up to a maximum of 6 hours. The maximum luminous intensity is 400 candelas, which corresponds to approximately 40M of shooting. The lens is of the TIR type which allows for a soft, balanced and well-balanced beam. Given the extremely small size and the ability to unleash a beam of 150 lumens, this torch is also ideal as an EDC torch for everyday use, to always be kept close at hand, ready to use or, for example, indoors of the car for any eventuality. It is also an aesthetically very pleasant torch, to be attached to a set of car or house keys: its finish with vertical milling all over the body, the fine, slightly opaque anodization make this torch very elegant. Also perfect as a small gift to give to friends and relatives.

Lumintop Frog V2

Lumintop Frog MINI

With a length of 45 mm this flashlight is capable of producing a beam of 600 lumens with a single 10180 cell and up to 750 lumens when using a Li-ion 10440. The Lumintop Frog features a Luminus SST 20 LED latest generation with TIR optical lens for a clean and homogeneous beam. wear. The switch is lateral, electronic, rubberized and slightly protruding. Easy to find even in the dark or when wearing gloves, it is also very simple to activate thanks to its responsiveness. It also has a small colored status LED inside that informs the user of the capacity status of the cell. To recharge the small battery you can use the practical plastic adapter with Type-C charging system which has a small colored status indicator inside. The Lumintop Frog has 5 brightness levels which, using a 10180 cell, will be divided as follows: Moonlight with 1 lumen and 14 hours of autonomy, Low with 35 lumens and 1 hour and 25 minutes of autonomy, Medium with 175 lumens and 26 minutes of autonomy, High with 390 lumens and 40 seconds + 25 minutes of autonomy and Turbo with 600 lumens and 20 seconds + 25 minutes of autonomy.

Skilhunt EK1

Skilhunt EK1

Very small and very light EDC flashlight with a maximum output of 180 lumens. It features a Luminus SST-20 CCT6500K / Nichia 219F HCRI CCT5000K and its maximum runtime is 450 minutes when operating at the lowest output level. The maximum distance that can be reached when the torch is turned on at maximum power is 66 meters and its maximum luminous intensity is 1100 candles. The Skilhunt EK1 is made entirely of aircraft grade aluminum with a hard anodized finish and features a machined body with fine knurling which improves its grip and grip, making it perfect even in difficult conditions when, for example, you have wet and damp hands. Its water resistance is given by the IPX-8 standard so it is not afraid of splashes, rain and can also be immersed for short periods under water without problems. Impact resistance is 1 meter high. The Skilhunt EK1 is powered by a single built-in 130mAH rechargeable Li-ion model 10220 cell (nominal range: 2.5V ~ 4.2V). The torch is available for sale in two different configurations (Luminus SST-20 CCT6500K / Nichia 219F HCRI CCT5000K) and in different colors (Carbon black / Royal blue / Olive green / Vibrant orange). The dimensions are extremely small: Length 50.5 mm, Head diameter 14.6 mm, Body 13.6mm while the weight is 14.8 g/0.52 oz (Battery included). Given its size and weight, this light is ideal for always being carried with you, for example attached to a set of house keys. It is very comfortable as an EDC torch, it is comfortable to keep in the jeans pocket and in the bag it is like not having seen it weighing only 14 grams.


Wuben G2

500 lumen keychain flashlight equipped with an Osram P9 LED whose dimensions are 58.5 mm x 27 mm with a weight of only 28 g. The body of this lamp is made of a single piece of metal (aluminum) with a plastic cap at both ends.

Wuben uses an OSRAM P9 LED behind very low TIR optics. Make a pretty tight hotspot. It is also possible to see a very large spill. The available modes are: Moon, Low, Med, High, Turbo. The user interface is really simple and easy to use. Next to the switch is a small cover that hides a USB-C port. While charging, the status LED lights up red. Turns blue when charging is complete. It is also possible to use the Wuben G2 during the charging process, but only with Low, Moon and Mid modes.


Nitecore TINI 2

It is a small keychain EDC flashlight equipped with two LED emitters, two different switches, a small OLED display and a type C fast charging port. The OLED display is multifunctional and shows some flashlight data such as lumens in real time , cell voltage, remaining autonomy, output levels and interface block information. Under the OLED multifunction display, the Nitecore TINI2 has two electronic switches for managing the interface. One acts as an ON/OFF switch (Power Switch) for turning the flashlight on and off and the other for changing the 4 available levels and for using the momentary Turbo (Mode Switch). The internal battery is lithium and has the capacity of 280mAh to provide a maximum autonomy of approximately 60 hours at the lowest level. In the back of the Nitecore TINI2 there is a small metal ring in steel (resistant up to 0.3kg in weight) and which offers the possibility of hooking the flashlight, for example, to a keyring using the supplied carabiner. The Nitecore TINI2 has five brightness levels with direct access to TURBO and ULTRALOW. It also has 2 different user modes, "DEMO" and "DAILY", for different users' needs. When the light is set to "DEMO" mode (which is the default setting), the light will turn off automatically, within 30 seconds, if there is no user operation. The countdown will be indicated on the multifunction display. When the light is set to "DAILY" mode, the light will stay on until the user turns it off. The "TURBO" level will only be momentary and can be activated by holding down the "MODE" button. The TINI2 emitters are OSRAM P8 LEDs, the lens is a TIR which guarantees a soft and uniform beam. The Nitecore TINI2 has a maximum power of 500 lumens per Turbo and a maximum reachable distance of about 89 meters.

Keychain EDC torches are indispensable torches that can come in handy on various occasions. Everyone should own one so they can always have it on hand. They are small and very light torches that can be issued in your pocket, kept in your purse but above all they can be attached to a set of house or car keys. They are so small and light that you forget you have them, but don't let their size fool you because they are often also extremely powerful: for example the Nitecore Tini 2 and the Wuben G2 can easily reach 500 lumens, while the Lumintop Frog 2 using a cell 10440 can release 750 lumens.

If you often find yourself having to use the torch of your mobile phone, perhaps you should evaluate the purchase of an EDC keychain light to insert inside the set of house keys so that you always have it at hand on any occasion.

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