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Fenix CL28R Review: Multifunctional & Practical Outdoor Camping Lantern

For those who enjoy outdoor activities, mountaineering, hiking and camping, a camp light is essential, which allows you to provide a fixed light point and which allows you to provide illumination like when you are at home . If you want to play, play something different. Recently, I review a very chic new camping latern, it's light and compact. Not only can the brightness be adjusted steplessly, but the color temperature can also be adjusted steplessly. Now my field is bright.

It is the CL28R multifunctional camping light launched by FENIX, a manufacturer of flashlights for any type of activity. This light is a very compact, unique design and offers various functions. It can also be used as a power bank.

Unique design, easy to carry

Frontally, the central part of the Fenix ​​CL28R has a bright round surface. On the top there are two rotary switches and there is also a practical handle that can rotate 360 ​​degrees. This light has a unique shape, it looks like a boombox, but it's much smaller. The size is about 100 (L) × 97 (W) x 41 (H) mm, and fits easily in one hand.

compact size

The shell of the CL28R is made entirely of A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, with a layer of gray oxide on the front, and black oxide on the side and back and HAIII hard anodized anti-wear treatment, sufficient to guarantee perfect resistance for use at any time. open air, to be more durable and at the same time allow for rapid heat dissipation. The handle is made of PC, which also has good strength, toughness and offers a good feeling of toughness to the touch.

The choice of lamp body material ensures light weight, durability, fire insulation, corrosion resistance and scratch resistance. It is a tool that can withstand daily use. Its net weight is about 373 grams and it is not too bulky to carry and use.


The back is fixed with the front side by four hexagon screws. In the middle is a nameplate with various performance parameters of CL28R printed on it, 10LM — 2000LM , 2700K — 6500K , 10000mAh.


Super large light source surface, color temperature and brightness controllable at will

Yes, the brightness and color temperature can be adjusted continuously. The light source has a super large surface area with a diameter of about 25mm. It can be seen that it is divided into several horizontal bars, which is the key to the luminous color temperature change.

adjusted the brightness and color temperature

The surface of the CL28R lamp head adopts a convex lens to guide the light. The large-area light source and the convex lens with a radius of 17mm can bring a more uniform and divergent light distribution effect.

uniform and divergent light distribution effect

In actual use, the maximum angle of light emission outside the CL28R is close to 180°, and the central main light can also form a large angle of 160°, and the brightness is relatively uniform.

knob on the top of the CL28R

There is a left and a right hand knob on the top of the CL28R and there are anti-slip grooves around them which make it easier to turn if you are wearing gloves for example. The brightness switch is on the right side, the temperature switch is on the left side and both are similar to the switch and volume control on a loudspeaker. The color temperature adjustment, counterclockwise goes to yellow, clockwise goes towards white, while the brightness adjustment switch allows you to adjust the output continuously; there is an orange button on the top of the color temperature knob, it can turn on the red auxiliary light.

CL28R yellow light band

The emitter is divided into a 6500K white light band and a 2700K yellow light band, which are spaced apart. When you rotate the color temperature knob, the light output of the two color temperatures can be increased or decreased, so as to achieve a smooth change of color mixing from 2700K to 6500K.

The CL28R has 2000lm maximum output. The brightness level can continuously vary from zero to full brightness, which is very convenient for users to choose the brightness they need. The 2000lm large floodlight is enough to brightly illuminate the surrounding area, and the reachable illumination distance is about 60 meters, which is very practical.

CL28R stepless dimming

The continuity characteristics of stepless dimming can be clearly revealed by connecting the illuminance curve of the PC to the illuminance plane. Of course, turning the knob with fingers cannot guarantee stable speed, so it seems that the curve is slightly rough.

The continuous change of color temperature can bring different visual effects. The 6500K white light is brighter and makes people more concentrated; the average color temperature is about 5000K, which is very comfortable; while the 2700K yellow light has a strong light penetration, suitable for use in rain, snow, fog and other weather conditions.

CL28R different visual effects

The use of different color temperatures also affects the difference in color rendering. The average color temperature has a color similar to the morning sun, and allows you to better reproduce the color of things and nature as it appears in reality during the day . Of course, various color temperatures can create different moods and the CL28R can allow for all of this.

CL28R uses an innovative constant current regulation circuit. There is no stroboscopic flicker detectable by the naked eye when you use it, so it can effectively protect your eyesight. It is really very comfortable to use for a long time without your eyes being sore and tired

Omni-directional swivel handle for easy use

The design of CL28R makes it easy to use on all kinds of all complex terrains. The base is flat and can be placed in an outdoor camping, and can also be placed stably on less flat natural ground to illuminate the surrounding environment. In particular, the handle of CL28R can rotate freely 360° around the axis and can be stabilized at any angle.

CL28R handle 360° rotate freely

There is a standard 3/8 copper screw hole inlaid in the handle , which can fix CL28R on a tripod and allows you to use this light in any direction of rotation, it becomes a color temperature fill light which can illuminate the entire space, greatly improving the practicability.

There is a strong magnet with a diameter of 19mm on each side of the tripod interface, which enables the CL28R to stick firmly on the surface of iron objects.

CL28R strong magnet

In this way, the application scope of CL28R can be further expanded. When connected to the iron pillar outdoors, it can light up the whole square. Ladies can not only see the ground clearly when they dance, but also change the color temperature to make it dynamic and cool.

Because it is a handle, it is of course also very convenient to carry. The plastic parts will not feel cold even if you don't wear gloves in winter. You can even use the heat from the latern to keep you warm. When you walk outdoors at night, you can hold the hand lamp and adjust the angle. It can not only illuminate your feet, but also illuminate the front and sides to ensure that the road is clearly visible and personal safety is ensured.

The handle can also be used as a stand, allowing the CL28R to stand obliquely on the ground. The function of the orange switch on the color temperature knob is to activate the red light function by long pressing. The light flashes, no matter if you are in the city or outdoors, it is a good helper and a good point light for emergency situations.

Large capacity and high performance, convenient to charge at any time

CL28R has a built-in 10000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which should be powered by two 21700 batteries connected in parallel. In the shutdown state, press the orange switch to see a clear blue power indicator light, which is convenient for users to grasp the power status.

With so much power, it can support strong light usage for about 9 hours. Of course, that's the time under downshift. To avoid overheating, FENIX designed a temperature control circuit for the CL28R. When the temperature is too high, it will automatically reduce the output, etc. When the temperature drops, the output can be increased automatically and the user can also manually increase the output at any time. The minimum brightness of 10lm can last for 15 days, which is really a long battery life.

CL28R temperature control circuit

In terms of temperature control, the aluminum alloy casing of the CL28R has good heat storage, heat transfer and heat dissipation qualities. The power of the maximum brightness of 2000lm is about 20 watts, and the heat builds up quickly. It took 15 minutes to measure the casing temperature of 55.8℃.

casing temperature of 55.8℃

CL28R adopts direct charging method, the surface of the charging compartment is covered by rubber cover, and the inside includes two 1A 1C sockets, the C port allows charging and discharging while the A port only supports discharging, so CL28R is still a large capacity power bank, even if the lighting is on, it will not affect the discharge.

CL28R USB-C Charging

When I go out for a walk in the mountains, I always carry a solar panel with me, which can recharge the CL28R anytime, anywhere. In any case, the lithium battery has no memory effect and has a life of more than 500 cycles. It's a good habit to charge and store energy at any time.

The most convenient thing is that if you need, the CL28R is both a field light and a large-capacity power bank. It can supply power to electronic devices anytime, anywhere outdoors. Even with the light on, it can also be used as a power bank.

The manufacturing and assembly of the CL28R is perfect. There are almost no seams around the body. The charging port is also sealed with a rubber plug. It has IP66 dustproof and waterproof capabilities. Even if the light is turned on and placed in water, it will not be damaged. It can be used normally in snow, fog or rain. In short, it can be used as you prefer in everyday use.

bank power function

In general, FENIX CL28R multifunctional field light has a unique shape, high value, moderate size, and is easy to carry, the brightness and color temperature can be changed at will, uniform lighting is more comfortable, you can use magnetic tripods, it's really convenient for hands-free use, it can be used as an emergency light because of the flashing red light, it's easy to charge and use as a power bank, the power is enough for any scenario in daily use or for the outdoors, it is really a great product.

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