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The flashlight market nowadays offers thousands of models to choose from. Among the infinite categories of torches present, the most important and most interesting one is perhaps the one that refers to electric torches to be used as front lights. These torches have the characteristic of being able to be used directly on the head or to be mounted on helmets and allow the user to be able to use a light with their hands free. These lights are usually indicated for outdoor activities such as trekking, climbing, caving and in general for all outdoor activities, but they are also ideal for all those sports and activities that they are practiced at night such as jogging, running or simply walking the dog. They are also ideal as work lights to keep in the workshop. In fact, they are often equipped with magnetic tails that allow the light to be attached to metal surfaces, thus allowing the beam to be directed exactly where it is needed. Usually these flashlights used as fronts can also be detached from their support and be used as normal EDC flashlights for everyday use. This is an advantage that makes them particularly comfortable and versatile for use in various scenarios. Among the various companies that produce electric torches there is Olight which has made quality its main characteristic: Olight over the years has produced different types of electric lights, improving its products from time to time and always adding innovative features and reaching more and more light with an ever better luminous efficiency. In this article we will see the most powerful and performing head torches produced by Olight describing their main characteristics and the merits that each torch has.

Olight Perun 2

perun 2 headlamp

This flashlight is a professional rechargeable EDC headlamp. Its maximum output is 2500 lumens and allows you to reach a distance of 166 m. This light is powered by a 21700 cell from Olight with a capacity of 4000mAh. This flashlight is a multifunctional light in fact it can be used as a headlamp but it can also be used as a magnetic work lamp and as a portable EDC everyday light. Its weight is only 161 g therefore it is comfortable to wear on your head even when using it for long periods of time. Interface management is entrusted to a single switch on the head which allows you to turn the light on and off and change the various brightness levels. The battery is recharged via a custom magnetic USB cable which also acts as a charging base. Among the main features of this light there is also that of having a brightness sensor which automatically decreases the output level when it detects an obstacle in front of the lens and increases the brightness again when the obstacle is no longer present. The flashlight comes with an elastic band and a silicone holder that allows you to attach and detach the light very quickly. This light is waterproof to IPX-8 standard and is drop resistant up to 1.5 meters in height. It can also be used in tailstanding or resting on the tail as if it were a abat-jour. Furthermore, thanks to the magnetic tail, it can be attached to any metal surface allowing the user to use the light without necessarily having to hold it in the hand. The user interface is simple and intuitive and is managed entirely by the single switch on the head and the body is made of anodized aluminum, has a deep knurling that helps in grip and under the head there are deep dissipation fins that help disperse the heat produced when using the torch at high levels.

Olight Array 2S

array 2s headlamp

This flashlight is a multifunction rechargeable head torch. In fact, it is able to produce different types of beam thanks to its three different reflectors with which it is equipped. The Olight Array 2S has a type-c charging interface that allows you to charge its internal 2600mAh battery quickly and easily. The highest output level is 1000 lumens while the maximum runtime is over 30 hours when using it on the lowest output level. Among the main features of this torch is the possibility of turning the light on and off simply with the movement of the hands: in fact, it is equipped with an infrared sensor which, if activated, detects the movement of the hand in front of the lens up to a distance of 10-15cm. Simply wave your hand from left to right to change the mode of use or move your hand up or down to change the level of light intensity. In addition to activation via gesture, this torch also has a normal electronic switch on the top that allows you to change the brightness level as well as turn the light on and off. As we said, this torch has three different light sources that allow you to have three completely different beams. The Olight Array 2S is in fact able to produce a Flood beam that allows you to illuminate over short distances, a spot-type beam that allows you to illuminate at a great distance, and a red light beam that is used in emergency situations or to not get tired vision when in total darkness. The light can also be adjusted with a different inclination in fact it is possible to move it from top to bottom from 0 to 60 ° to point the light exactly where it is needed. The battery is located in the rear part of the band therefore it allows you to balance the weight of the light which is instead located in the front part of the band. The battery pack also has a series of status LEDs which allow you to know the battery's charge status during the recharging phase in addition to the residual capacity of the cell during use. The battery pack has an output of 9.36 Wh and consists of a 3.6 volt 18650 2600 mAh battery. The charging input current is 5 volts 1 ampere therefore a full charge takes about two and a half hours.

Olight Perun Mini

perun mini

This flashlight is the younger sister of the Olight Perun 2 described above. It has a much smaller body than the Perun 2 and is powered by a 16340 type lithium ion cell. The Olight Perun Mini has extremely small dimensions but also has a high light output in fact it is able to reach an output maximum of 1000 lumens with a range and a maximum range of 100 m. This torch is suitable both for short distance lighting but also as an EDC torch for everyday use but also as a normal headband torch for use for example when jogging in the evening or when walking the dog. The Olight Perun Mini is equipped with 5 different brightness levels: 2000 lumens, 250 lumens, 65 lumens, 10 lumens and 2 lumens. Recharging is quick and easy to do and can be done using the custom USB MCC magnetic charging cable. Recharging is very simple: just bring the cable supplied with the torch closer and the magnet contained inside will allow correct positioning. The Olight Perun Mini as well as being used as a head torch attached to the headband can also be attached to clothing thanks to the velcro patch it is equipped with. It is therefore possible to connect the light to any tactical jacket, on caps, or on backpacks equipped with Velcro. Furthermore, the stainless steel belt clip supplied in the package allows you to attach the light to any M.O.L.L.E. type system, to belts or pockets, in both directions both with the head downwards and with the head upwards.

Olight H05S

led headlamp

It is a front light made entirely of compact and light polymeric materials with 5 brightness levels and with the possibility of being controlled by gesture control. Its maximum power is lower than the other lights seen before, in fact it reaches a maximum of 200 lumens of maximum output and has a beam range of 60m. It is equipped with a button located in the upper part which makes it very easy to change the available white light modes and to switch to the red auxiliary light. When used in "sensor" mode, just wave your hand to turn the light on and off. The Olight H05S can also be tilted up to 45° therefore making it possible to direct the beam right where it is needed. The dimensions are very small as well as the weight therefore when you use it for several hours it will never bother you. The elastic nylon strap makes it particularly comfortable and safe to wear, in fact it can be adjusted according to different head sizes. A series of status indicators let you know when it's time to charge or replace the batteries. The power supply in this case is not guaranteed by a rechargeable lithium ion battery but two AAA alkaline batteries included in the package are used.

Olight offers a wide range of flashlights and in recent years has created several models to test to be used for various occasions. What distinguishes this brand from others is certainly the quality of the materials used and the reliability of the products that can be used for years without ever showing a problem. The head torches produced by Olight cover all needs: there are extremely powerful torches like the Perun 2 to be used for trekking or for search and rescue operations and then there are less powerful torches that are certainly more comfortable to use for a long time as for example the Olight H05S and the Perun Mini: given their negligible weight, they are perfect for jogging or for outdoor sports. Then there are the hybrid torches such as the Array 2S with three different light sources for a flood beam for the immediate vicinity, a sport beam to illuminate the distance and an auxiliary red beam for emergency or signaling situations.

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