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Work torches are torches that differ from other lights due to their robustness and ease of use. They are often lights that allow the user to operate them without hands, therefore they have support structures or powerful magnets to be attached to any metal surface or screw connections to allow positioning on tripods. They are often made with anti-dirt and oleophobic plastic materials so as to allow quick cleaning if, for example, they get dirty with oil or grease. Work torches, in general, can also be used not only by professionals in workshops and laboratories, but also by ordinary people in homes and for everyday use. Typically, although they are not very small objects, due to the large and high-performance lithium batteries they are equipped with, they are simple and practical tools to use, with very simple user interfaces, with few functions but conceived and designed for the purpose for which they were born. It is not uncommon to find portable electric work lamps with 5000mAh or even 10000mAh battery packs inside them which guarantee runtimes of hundreds of hours of continuous light. With the development of Type-C charging interfaces, batteries, even of very high capacity, can be charged quickly in a couple of hours. Furthermore, thanks to the characteristics of the type-c interfaces, many manufacturers allow you to use their work torches as if they were real power banks for recharging any device compatible with the USB standard. Here a flashlight as well as providing a source of light becomes a useful object for daily life or leisure. A work torch can also be used comfortably as a camping torch to illuminate the tent and, if available, to charge your devices where the home electricity grid does not exist.

Among the various types of work torches there are some of the latest generation with really interesting features and which we will see below:

Olight Swivel Pro Max:

Olight Swivel Pro Max

It is the brand new work torch made by Olight. This light has a body made entirely of polymer material that is extremely robust and resistant to falls and bad weather. It is equipped with a COB LED that produces a very diffused and clean beam of light capable of effectively illuminating a large portion of space. The beam is very flood therefore when the light is switched on there will never be more illuminated areas than others, all the light is uniform in the space.

This light is extremely comfortable to use and can be positioned in different ways. It is equipped with a hook that allows it to be attached as if it were a carabiner, and also has a design that allows it to be rotated 150° to direct the light exactly where it is needed. In the lower part it is also equipped with a ¼ screw for fixing to a tripod so that it can be used without the aid of the hands. There is also a powerful neodymium magnet that allows you to attach the flashlight to any metal surface.

The COB module this torch is equipped with has a maximum output of 1600 lumens and the light source is dimmable to allow the user to choose the output level he prefers. Inside there are 4 lithium cells to form a 10400 mAh 3.7V battery pack which guarantees continuous operation of the light for over 120 hours. The Olight Swivel Pro Max has a fast bidirectional charging port that allows you to quickly charge the internal battery and also allows you to use the light as if it were a normal powerbank. The ABS body is sturdy and well sealed, resists daily shocks, splash water and dust. Versatile, robust and flexible, the Swivel Pro Max will light up your tasks in a variety of working conditions. The user interface is very simple and intuitive, very easy to use. In addition to the white light COB LED, the Olight Swivel Pro Max is able to produce a beam of red light to be used in emergency situations or in situations where you don't want to tire your eyes when you are in the dark.

Olight Swivel Pro:

Olight Swivel Pro

It is the smallest version of the Olight Swivel Pro Max born as a direct evolution of the previous Olight Swilvel version. This is a light that has two different LED emitters: there is a COB that produces a wide and diffused beam that is very useful for illuminating short distances, for example when washing the engine of a car, and then there is an emitter on the front a small and deep dish that generates a directive and luminous beam that reaches a maximum distance of 65 hours. The power supply of the Olight Swilvel Pro is given by two internal 18650 cells which form a 5200mAH battery pack capable of keeping the light on for 84 hours. Like the older sister Olight Swivel Pro Max, the Olight Swilvel Pro also has a rotating design structure that allows you to rotate the light up to 150 °, a carabiner hook and a powerful neodymium magnet to attach the light to metal surfaces such as at a car door or on a metal post. In this case the maximum power of the COB is 1100 lumens while the LED with a reflector has an output of 220 lumens.

Supfire X102

LED worklight

As seen in the two previous cases, this light is also equipped with a COB led as a primary lighting source and as seen for the Olight Swilvel Pro it also has a LED as an auxiliary light source for long distances. The COB LED of the Supfire X102 is able to generate a completely flood light beam of 600 lumens with the total absence of spots. The 580 lumens auxiliary LED emitter, on the other hand, generates a more directive beam of light that allows you to get further. There are 5 lighting modes so the user can choose the one that best suits his needs. The battery pack is 8000mAh and guarantees a maximum runtime of 7 hours for the COB light and 8 hours for the LED light, while its recharge takes about 5 hours.

Sunrei CL1600

outdoor light

Multifunctional work torch capable of delivering a beam of white light of 1500 lumens via a COB and a beam of red light to be used in emergency situations, for signaling or at night or if, for example, you don't want to strain your eyes when you are in the dark in total darkness. This light is equipped with an incredible 13500mAh battery pack which takes only 3.5 hours to recharge and which allows for a runtime of over 84 hours of uninterrupted use of the light. The Sunrei CL1600 can also be used as a power bank thanks to the bi-directional Type-C charging port. The light inputs are 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1A while the output values are 5V/3A, 9V/2A so yes, with this flashlight you can charge your smartphone quickly 2 or 3 times. The swivel design allows the light to rotate 360 degrees to allow you to direct the beam exactly where you need it. Its base has a hook and a powerful neodymium magnet. This light is ideal as a work torch but also works great as a camping light. Water resistance follows the IPX5 standard so there are no problems if you leave it in the rain, it is not afraid of water splashes and dirt.

Olight Odiance

outdoor worklight

it is a large and powerful work torch, multifunctional and with many interesting features. It is able to deliver a maximum Turbo power of 3000 lumens and also allows the variation of the color temperature from 2700K (extremely warm light) to 6000K (cold light). The Olight Odiance is ideal on construction sites, for car repairs, in workshops, in the courtyard, in the garage but also as a camping and outdoor lamp. The maximum reachable distance is 75 meters for cold light and 70 meters for warm light. There are two switches and they are rotating. They allow you to increase the brightness and change the color temperature so that you can easily select the desired level and color of light. In addition to this, the Olight Odiance is equipped with a remote control that allows you to adjust both the intensity of the light and the color temperature. The maximum usage distance of the remote control is 10 meters (32.8 feet). The battery is integrated and is 99.36Wh. This means that the Odiance guarantees a runtime of 2800 minutes at the low level of 200 lumens and fully recharges in just 5.5 hours. There are USB-C and USB-A interfaces on the back, so you can use the spotlight as a classic powerbank to recharge any USB device. It supports 30W fast charging. An Iphone 13 for example can be recharged up to 7 times. The Olight Odience can be mounted on a tripod by turning the handle 180 degrees and can therefore adjust to any angle. It is also ideal as a fill light for night, wildlife and portrait photography. The interface is very simple and intuitive thanks to the two rotary switches it is equipped with.

Fenix CL28R

Fenix CL28R

It is a compact and powerful working but also camping lantern which is able to supply a white and red light with a maximum power of 2000 lumens. The Fenix ​​CL28R produces a wide and diffused light beam that radiates light with an exit angle of 160°. It features a COB emitter with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The color temperature of the light can be changed from 2700K up to 6000K so you can go from a very warm light to a cold light. The torch is equipped with two rotary switches to vary the light intensity and color temperature of the light. Power is supplied by 2 large-capacity 5000 mah batteries which guarantee high autonomy. The output levels are three for the main LED and two for the red light. From the front, the Fenix ​​​​CL28R is equipped with 4 blue LEDs that light up to indicate the battery charge status. Between the two selectors is the Type-C charging interface well protected by a thick rubber cap. There is also a USB-A fast charging port that allows you to power any type of compatible electronic device with a USB cable and in this way the CL28R can also be used as a power bank. The handle of the Fenix ​​​​CL28R rotates 360 degrees, and is made of robust and resistant plastic. Inside there are powerful neodymium magnets that allow you to fix the flashlight to any ferromagnetic surface.

In this article we have described only some of the work torches that are on the market today. If you are looking for a torch that is resistant and that allows you to illuminate large areas well, that is not afraid of dirt and that if necessary gives you the possibility of being used as a power bank, then you must evaluate the purchase of a of the torches described above. They are certainly not small and compact torches but they are certainly torches born to do the dirty work, last over time and never abandon you. All are characterized by a very wide and diffused main beam that allows you to illuminate very large areas well: in fact, the beam angle of the work torches is almost always greater than 100-110°. Furthermore, these lights, in addition to being perfect for use in the workshop, can also be used as a torch for daily use but also for camping.

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