The Best Camping Retro Style Light

The 5 Best Camping Retro Style Light

Camping torches are those lights that allow you to illuminate large areas at 360 degrees but at the same time allow you not to annoy your eyes and not dazzle the people around us. They are therefore not too powerful lights with a luminous power usually ranging from 200 lumens to 1000 lumens and typically in the shape of small lanterns. They are often equipped with hooks and attachment systems that allow them to be installed anywhere, for example inside the camping tent, or on a tree branch or they can simply be placed on the ground. These lights usually have dimmable light so that the user can select the right light output. It is essential to be able to choose the right level of output when camping: too much light or too little light could be a problem. Among all the camping lamps in this article we want to focus our attention on those made with a retro design, or on all those lights that recall, with their shape, the old oil or gas lamps used by our grandparents.

Sunrei Phantom

Sunrei Phantom Retro Camp Light

It is a small camping lantern that produces a soft, pleasant and soft light. The special retro design is reminiscent of the oil lamps of yesteryear and is particularly beautiful and elegant. Among its main features there is also that of acting as a power bank, in fact it is possible to use its internal battery to recharge any electronic device compatible with the USB standard. For example, you can recharge your mobile phone or tablet when you are camping or when you are in nature where there is no electricity. The USB port output is 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1A, so it also enables smart and fast charging for compatible devices. The internal battery has a staggering 10400mAh capacity with a 3.7V battery pack. The battery charging time is approximately 5 hours and depends on the power supply used. Thanks to the powerful battery it is equipped with, this flashlight is able to reach a minimum autonomy of 237 hours. The light produced can be adjusted both in intensity and in terms of color temperature: it is in fact possible to switch from a very warm 1300K orange light to a warm 2700K light. The dimensions of this light are 182mm high, 91mm wide and 91mm thick. The weight, however, is 645 grams including the high-performance 10400mAh internal battery. The waterproofing is given by the IPX5 standard so the light is resistant to splashes and humidity, so there is no problem using it in the rain. In the upper part, the torch is equipped with a practical carrying handle which, if necessary, can also be used to hook the torch anywhere as if it were a small chandelier. The switch is made of copper and is very beautiful both to the touch and from an aesthetic point of view. so there is no problem using it in the rain.

Nitecore LR40

Nitecore LR40 Camping Lantern

It is a lantern-shaped camping torch, rechargeable and with a maximum output of 100 lumens. Its maximum runtime when used at its lowest output level is 65 hours, or about 2.7 days. This flashlight also features a special SOS flashing mode for use in emergency situations. This is a flashlight, it allows you to radiate a beam of light with different shades of color. In fact, it is possible to choose between warm light, cold light, neutral light and red light. The beam produced illuminates in all directions at 360°, therefore it is possible to use this flashlight as if it were a small chandelier. The dimensions of this flashlight are 177 mm in length, 96 mm in height, 96 mm in width, while the weight is 222 grams. This flashlight is ideal for outdoor activities but also for camping. Interface management is ensured by a professional and precise rotary selector mounted on the top of the head. In fact, just turn this switch to change the light output. The power supply of the LR 40 is guaranteed by an internal 4000 mAh battery which allows for a maximum autonomy of 65 hours when used with the Low Warm White Light setting.

SuperFire T58/T58-S

SuperFire T58 Portable Multifunction Camping Lantern

retro style camping torch equipped with 2 LED and 20 SMD emitters with a power of 2 Watt and an adjustable output from 12 lumens up to 239 lumens. This light has 7 usage modes to meet all your needs. The power supply is given by 3xAAA or by 1 18650 cell and can remain on for about 3.5 hours. The maximum illumination distance is 4.5m square. The dimensions of this light are 157mm x 117mm while the weight is 192 grams. Recharging the battery can be done through the type-C interface with which this lantern is equipped. The material with which this torch is made is PC for the transparent lampshade, ABS and iron. On the upper part, a practical steel ring allows the light to be attached like a small chandelier, for example to the branch of a tree or inside a tent. The SuperFire T58/T58-S has different modes of use: you can use the tungsten filament mode which produces a warm light or exploit the SMD LEDs with cold light or warm light, or use the fixed mode which mixes the light produced by SMD LED with the light produced by the two tungsten filament design LEDs. There is also a red constant light mode, or red flashing mode.

Olight OLantern Classic 2 Pro

Olight olantern-classic2-pro

It is a stylish and functional camping light with the classic shape of an antique oil lantern. The ambient light it produces is regulated continuously thanks to a rotary switch that acts as a dimmer and thanks to the presence of two different LEDs with different warm colors. You can switch very quickly from the low level of 10 lumens to the high level of 300 lumens continuously thanks to the dimmer of this lantern. This means that there are no predefined output levels, but the user chooses the brightness he prefers and the color he prefers. This lantern produces a uniform beam of light that radiates 360 degrees and is ideal as a camping or outdoor light, but also as a backup light in the house or in a camper. The Olight Olantern Classic 2 Pro is powered by an internal 11200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion cell that guarantees a maximum autonomy of 180 hours (7.5 days) with a reduced power of 10 lumens. There are two emitters and they produce light of different color temperatures: one produces a light with a very warm and relaxing orange color temperature, while the other produces a light with a warm white color temperature.

Fenix CL30R

Fenix CL30R Lantern

It is a practical camping lantern that provides a diffused 360 degree beam that can also be used as a normal power bank to recharge any type of USB device. The CL30R's beam produces 650 lumens per turbo and is capable of all-around illumination for a maximum range of 35 meters. For example, placed within a room, the 360-degree beam is capable of illuminating completely on all sides. Among the main features of this product there is also that of functioning as if it were a normal power bank for recharging electronic devices: thanks to the USB-A output interface it is possible, via a classic USB cable, to use the CL30R as a source . power supply for smartphones, cameras, speakers, etc. You can use the micro USB charging port next to the USB-A port to recharge the internal batteries. There is also a battery level indicator. Inside the Fenix ​​CL30R there are three rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in the format 18650 model ARB L18 2600mAH which guarantee a total autonomy of 300 hours at the lowest output level . Using different cells, such as 3500mAh 18650 batteries, the maximum autonomy increases up to 400 hours of maximum autonomy. There are 6 output levels, 5 of which are normal and a flashing Strobe. They are divided according to their power: Turbo of 650 lumens, High of 350 lumens, Medium of 100 lumens, Low of 50 lumens and Eco of 10 lumens. While the Flash mode has an output of 100 lumens. The CL30R also has reverse polarity control which protects the circuits if the user inserts the batteries incorrectly. The cells are in 3P configuration and therefore in parallel with each other: this means that the light can be used not only with three cells but also with one or two cells. Obviously in these last two cases the autonomy will decrease in proportion to the number of cells used for the power supply.

If you like retro products or you miss the old oil lamp used by your grandparents then you can consider buying one of the lights described in the article. Retro camping lights are aesthetically beautiful lights that recall the oil lamps that were used in the past in the shape, colors and materials used. The difference with those of the past is that now fuel is no longer used as a source of lighting but fortunately we have switched to a more ecological solution or rather the use of LED technology. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, these lights can also be very powerful and effectively illuminate large areas at 360°: furthermore, the light produced by these lights is warm and relaxing, with a tint very similar to that of a candle or an oil lamp used in the past.

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