FlashlightGo Exciting Black Friday Global Shopping Festival: Up To 40% Off

FlashlightGo Exciting Black Friday Global Shopping Festival: Up To 40% Off

As the Black Friday frenzy sweeps across the retail landscape, we at Flashlightgo are thrilled to unveil our spectacular lineup of promotions and discounts.Up to 40% discount, it's not just a sale.It's a shopping carnival that promises massive savings on an extensive range of products.

Starting 24th Nov, our Black Friday Sale will kick off, and the excitement will continue until 30th Nov EST. We screened the most popular products, ensuring that you can snag the hottest items at the best prices.

Eskte MiX-7 Multi-color EDC Flashlight

The Eskte MiX-7 Multi-color 18350 Magnetic Charging EDC Flashlight redefines versatility in illumination, catering to diverse lighting needs with an array of white and color LEDs. Designed for Everyday Carry (EDC), this compact powerhouse boasts three white LEDs and additional red, green, blue, and UV lights, providing outputs tailored for various applications. With a maximum runtime of 180 hours and magnetic charging, it ensures convenience in use. Operational simplicity is a highlight, featuring an easy ON/OFF mechanism, mode memory, and intuitive brightness adjustments. The flashlight's robust construction, IPX-8 waterproof rating, and 1-meter impact resistance make it resilient in challenging conditions. Specific color lights serve unique purposes, enhancing its utility. In conclusion, the Eskte MiX-7 stands out as a reliable, multifunctional EDC flashlight with powerful output and user-friendly features.

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Nitecore MT2A Pro Rechargeable AA Flashlight

The Nitecore MT2A PRO is a beacon of innovation and reliability, designed for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday users. Powered by the remarkable NiteLab UHi 20 LED, it delivers an impressive 1,000 lumens, ensuring well-illuminated surroundings for various activities. With a peak beam intensity of 16,500 cd and a throw distance of 255 meters, the MT2A PRO excels in precision and visibility. Its advanced optical system, featuring crystal coating and PDOT, optimizes beam performance efficiently. User-friendly with a single tail switch controlling three brightness levels, it offers flexibility for diverse needs. What sets it apart is its power source versatility—compatible with both a rechargeable 14100 Li-ion battery and common AA batteries. The built-in USB-C charging port adds convenience, while ATR technology ensures stable output and prevents overheating. Constructed from aero-grade aluminum alloy with a military-grade finish, the MT2A PRO is robust, and its tail stand capability and two-way clip enhance practicality. The Nitecore MT2A PRO is a versatile, durable, and reliable lighting solution.

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Weltool T1 PRO TAC EDC Flashlight

The Weltool T1 PRO TAC EDC Flashlight is a compact yet powerful illumination tool, measuring just 9.7 cm but offering exceptional performance and versatility. Designed for various applications, it excels in throw and candela values, reaching up to 290 meters and 21,060 cd, making it ideal for outdoor, tactical, law enforcement, and everyday use. Power flexibility is a key feature, accommodating single AA or NiMH batteries, with an optional BB7 extension tube for increased brightness. Compatibility with a 14500 lithium-ion battery provides an impressive 540 lumens output. The stainless steel pocket clip offers versatile carry options. The T1 PRO TAC features a tail forward switch for convenient operation, a hidden low mode for close-range tasks, and a robust construction for outdoor and tactical resilience. With its 5000K High Density X-LED and efficient reflector, this flashlight delivers exceptional performance in a compact design.

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Manker E05 II 1300 Lumens EDC Flashlight

The Manker E05 II 1300 Lumens EDC Flashlight is a compact powerhouse designed for those who demand portable, high-performance illumination in their everyday carry. With a focus on versatility, this flashlight accommodates various batteries, including 14500 li-ion, Ni-MH AA, and alkaline AA, ensuring adaptability to any situation. Despite its ultra-compact size, the E05 II boasts an impressive 1300 lumens, a constant current design, and a wide 105° beam angle, delivering exceptional coverage. Its durability shines through with an IP68 waterproof rating and a robust aerospace aluminum alloy body. The single tail-switch control allows easy one-handed operation, while the deep carry clip ensures secure attachment. Personalization options include body colors and multi-color filters, adding a touch of style and adaptability for different scenarios. In conclusion, the Manker E05 II is a reliable, versatile, and durable EDC flashlight, ready for everyday tasks, outdoor adventures, or emergencies.

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Niwalker ETmini V2S Multipurpose EDC Flashlight

Niwalker ETmini V2S, a compact and versatile Everyday Carry (EDC) flashlight designed to meet diverse user needs. Powered by cutting-edge LED technology, it features 3pcs CREE XPG3 or Samsung LH351C LEDs (6000K) and 1pc Samsung LH351D CRI90 LED (3000K), delivering an impressive 3050 lumens in Turbo mode. The flashlight offers two configurations: 2350 lumens (Cool White) and 1100 lumens (Neutral White), with a beam distance of 183 meters. The user-friendly interface, controlled by a side switch, includes Smooth and Stepped ramping modes, Turbo mode, and various additional functions. Crafted from durable aluminum with a magnetic tailcap and stainless steel clip, the ETmini V2S ensures versatility, portability, and durability, making it an ideal EDC companion in various scenarios. Weighing approximately 102 grams and boasting an IPX7 waterproof rating, it offers a seamless blend of performance and convenience for everyday use.

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 KLARUS HM3 Super Lightweight Multifunction Headlamp

The KLARUS HM3 Super Lightweight Multifunction Headlamp stands out as a beacon of innovation and practicality in portable lighting, weighing an astonishingly light 27 grams. This ultra-light design, coupled with a powerful 670-lumen beam, redefines wearability for outdoor activities. Offering four lighting modes, it ensures adaptability to diverse environments. Safety is prioritized with a red flashing mode for emergency signaling. The innovative 180-degree angle-adjustable clip expands functionality beyond traditional headlamps, allowing use as a visor light or backpack light. Simplicity is key, with an intuitive single-button control scheme for effortless navigation. The KLARUS HM3 is a marvel of modern lighting technology, combining lightweight design, powerful illumination, and versatile functionality for a reliable and adaptable outdoor lighting solution.

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Niwalker N50T 2300 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

In a world where reliable illumination is paramount, the Niwalker N50T Tactical Flashlight emerges as a powerful and versatile solution for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a dazzling 2300 lumens output and a remarkable 650-meter beam distance, this flashlight ensures unparalleled visibility in challenging conditions. Crafted from aviation-grade A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, it boasts durability and resistance to harsh outdoor use. The tempered ultra-clear glass lens guarantees optimal clarity, while the stainless steel attack head with ceramic beads enhances emergency functionality. Safety features like reverse polarity and overdischarge protection are integrated, prioritizing user safety. The tactical tail switch, direct charging capability, and IPX8 waterproof rating add to its user-friendly design. The Niwalker N50T's lighting modes cater to various needs, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures, emergencies, and professional applications. With its exceptional brightness, durability, and versatile features, the Niwalker N50T is a reliable beacon for any journey or situation.

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Armytek Wizard C2 PRO Max Magnetic USB Headlamp 

The Armytek Wizard C2 PRO Max Magnetic USB Headlamp is a versatile illumination powerhouse, boasting an impressive 4000 lumens output. Designed for diverse applications, from industrial work to outdoor activities, its wide floodlight capability excels in close-distance tasks and large-space illumination. With a unique beam angle of 110°:150°, the headlamp provides an extensive wide beam with a substantial 150° spill, thanks to the specially designed optical system and TIR-lens. The high-powered LED ensures superior light efficiency, making it one of the brightest headlamps available. Featuring six default modes and ten professional modes, it caters to various needs. Enhanced by improved springs, a stylish design, and a 21700 Li-Ion 5000mAh battery, it offers reliability, versatility, and a 10-year warranty, making it an exceptional lighting solution for any scenario.

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Acebeam E75 Quad-core High-performance Flashlight

The Acebeam E75 emerges as a high-performance and versatile flashlight suitable for diverse settings, from urban environments to outdoor adventures. Boasting a powerful 4500-lumen beam with a 260-meter range, it ensures clear vision across various distances. What sets it apart is the option to choose between Cool White (6500K) and Neutral White (5000K) LEDs, offering intense brightness or natural color rendering. Powered by a robust 21700 Li-ion battery, it provides a maximum runtime of 26 days and features convenient USB Type-C charging. With six lighting modes, including a strobe for emergencies, the flashlight ensures stable and constant light output. Its durable design, IP68 rating, and resistance to shocks make it a reliable companion in challenging conditions. The two-way clip and magnetic base enhance portability and hands-free use. In conclusion, the Acebeam E75 excels in performance, versatility, and durability, making it an excellent choice for everyday and outdoor use.

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Jetbeam M64 6800 Lumens Ultra Long Range LED Flashlight

The Jetbeam M64, tailored for law enforcement, adventure, and outdoor activities, delivers an impressive 6800 lumens, reaching a remarkable 1200m distance. Powered by two 21700 rechargeable batteries, it ensures a runtime of up to 1080 hours at the lowest output. Featuring six selectable output levels, including strobe and beacon modes for emergencies, it offers versatile lighting options. The stepless dimming mode allows users to customize brightness infinitely. With IPX8 water resistance and 2m submersibility, coupled with a robust aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, it withstands various conditions. The Luminus SBT-90 LED and intelligent electronic control optimize LED life. The flashlight includes a battery indicator, temperature control, constant current circuit, and a user-friendly interface. With a durable construction and powerful performance, the Jetbeam M64 excels in demanding situations, providing reliability and functionality.

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Cyansky K3 V2.0 2000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight

The Cyansky K3 V2.0, a tactical shooting torch designed for law enforcement, boasts a powerful output of 2000 lumens, reaching an impressive 700 meters. Utilizing the advanced Luminus SFT-40 LED and a deep, mirror-polished reflector, it delivers a well-focused, intense beam. Ideal for long-distance illumination, it serves tactical applications and weapon mounting. The flashlight doubles as an emergency glass breaker with zirconium beads. Output modes range from 30 lumens to a turbo mode of 2000 lumens. The compact dimensions (1.57" * 1.00" * 6.05") and lightweight design (4.66oz) make it portable. With IP68 water resistance and a two-meter impact resistance, it's suitable for various environments. The comprehensive package includes a rechargeable lithium-ion cell, holster, charging cable, lanyard, and user manual, ensuring immediate use. The Cyansky K3 V2.0 stands out for its versatility, robust features, and complete accessories, making it an excellent choice for tactical and law enforcement applications.

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IMALENT LD70 4000 lumen EDC flashlight

The Imalent LD70 is a versatile EDC Mini Flashlight, combining power and quality in a compact design suitable for pockets or pouches. Offered in Blue, Black, Gold, and Military Green, it boasts a durable aluminum alloy construction. The small OLED display on one side indicates battery voltage and lumens output, with magnetic charging ports on the opposite side. Powered by a built-in 1100mAh 18350 lithium-ion battery, recharging is effortless through the supplied USB cable. Meeting IPX-8 standards, it withstands immersion up to 2 meters and resists falls from 2 meters. The Cree XHP 70.2 LED produces a flood beam, making it ideal for everyday activities, outdoor adventures, and work. With a maximum output of 4000 lumens, the LD70 offers five brightness levels, including a 4000 lumens turbo mode, accessible through a user-friendly switch. Compact and efficient, this flashlight is perfect for various scenarios, making it a reliable companion.

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Klarus CL3 Soporific Ambience Camping Lantern

The Klarus CL3 is a stylish camping lantern, reminiscent of a vintage design, adding a touch of elegance to both indoor and outdoor settings. Weighing only 201.5 g and available in two color options, it's a compact and versatile lighting solution. The lantern produces flicker-free light, with three color temperature options catering to various scenarios: a warm 1300K orange light (50 lumens) for ambiance, a 2700K warm light (110 lumens) for tasks like reading, and a powerful 4000K neutral light (280 lumens) for broader illumination. With four brightness settings and anti-flicker technology, it ensures stable and high-quality lighting. Powered by an 18650 battery, it offers over 13 hours of continuous use on the lowest setting. Charging is convenient through the universal type-C port, with an LED indicator displaying the battery status. The lantern features a magnet for easy attachment to metal surfaces and a hook for hanging, making it a visually pleasing and practical choice for camping and everyday use.

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Lumintop Mach 4695 V2 Powerful Searching Flashlight

The Lumintop Mach 4695 V2 is a high-performance flashlight featuring 8 XHP50 LEDs, delivering impressive illumination in a compact, durable design. With various modes, including Moonlight, High 1, High 2, Turbo, and special modes like Strobe/SOS/Beacon, it caters to diverse scenarios. Powered by a robust 46950 lithium battery, it reaches a remarkable 520-meter distance with 67500cd intensity, making it ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and night searches. Simple button clicks control on/off, light intensity adjustments, and special modes. The flashlight ensures safety with protections against overcharge, over-discharge, reverse polarity, overheat, and low voltage. Unique features include a fan mode for temperature regulation and a button backlight for low-light situations. The USB-C fast charge/discharge function adds convenience, making the Mach 4695 V2 a versatile choice for camping, emergencies, and various scenarios requiring reliable and efficient lighting.

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Nextorch P86 1600lm Electronic Whistle Flashlight

The NEXTORCH P86 1600lm Electronic Whistle Flashlight revolutionizes safety and security with its groundbreaking combination of light and sound. Ideal for traffic control, emergencies, or security roles, the P86 stands out with 1600 lumens of brightness, illuminating up to 305 meters. What sets it apart is the integrated electronic whistle producing a powerful 120-decibel sound with 360-degree output, ensuring you're heard in critical situations. With a remarkable 60-hour runtime and LED battery indicators, the P86 keeps you informed and prepared. Offering four lighting modes and constructed from durable aluminum alloy, it's impact-resistant and IPX7 submersible. The P86, with its self-defense features and user-friendly design, is a reliable and versatile tool for various applications.

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XTAR SD1 4-colour Mini Dive Beacon

The XTAR SD1 4-Colour Dive Light is a versatile companion for divers and outdoor enthusiasts, offering exceptional illumination with its white, red, blue, and green lights. With 8 lighting modes, including constant and flashing options for each color, this dive light adapts to various scenarios. Its intuitive twist design allows quick mode changes even in challenging conditions. Compatible with CR123A or Protected 16340 batteries, the SD1 ensures flexibility and extended runtime. Featuring a low power reminder and memory function, it prioritizes user convenience. With durability in mind, it's impact-resistant up to 1.5 meters and waterproof up to 100 meters, making it ideal for deep-sea exploration. Compact and lightweight, the XTAR SD1 is a reliable lighting solution for diverse adventures, providing confidence in underwater and outdoor pursuits.

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Manker F14 Dual Beam Multi-Purpose EDC Flashlight

The Manker F14 flashlight stands out as a versatile and compact Everyday Carry (EDC) torch, providing a dual-beam capability with both spotlight and floodlight modes. Its adaptability makes it suitable for diverse scenarios, from outdoor adventures to everyday tasks. Compact and lightweight, measuring 81.5mm in length and weighing only 109.5 grams, the F14 easily fits into your pocket or EDC gear. The user-friendly interface ensures quick access to various lighting modes. With two tail magnets and a stainless steel deep carry clip, it offers practicality and easy access. Supporting C to C charging, it doubles as a power bank, enhancing its versatility. Crafted with aerospace aluminum alloy and featuring impressive specifications, the Manker F14 is a reliable and stylish EDC flashlight for various applications.

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Weltool T8Plus TAC 2180 Lumens Tactical Flashlight

The Weltool T8Plus TAC is a tactical flashlight designed for professional and tactical applications, featuring a potent 2180-lumen high mode with an impressive beam distance of 636 meters. Utilizing a 21700 battery, it ensures extended power for high-performance use. The through-hole cooling structure enhances heat dissipation, ensuring reliability during prolonged operation. The unique operation allows for quick access to the high mode with half-press activation. The hidden mode includes strobe and low settings, providing versatility for tactical situations. Safety features like over-discharge protection and low voltage reminder contribute to its robust design. With compatibility for various batteries and a durable build, the T8Plus TAC is a compact, reliable choice for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts.

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Cyansky H5GT Super Long Range Hunting Flashlight

The Cyansky H5GT is an innovative long-throw flashlight with a patented reflector, allowing easy switching between light modes. Featuring a Luminus SFT 40 white light LED and auxiliary colored LEDs, it offers versatile configurations, including white, red, green, and blue lights. The powerful white light reaches 2000 lumens in Turbo mode, covering a maximum distance of 1000 meters. The colored LEDs provide specific functionalities, such as red for preserving night vision and green for enhanced distance. The rotating reflector aligns with each LED, ensuring optimal performance. Constructed from durable aeronautical aluminum, it boasts a robust design, while gold-plated contacts and a silicone tail switch enhance functionality. The package includes a rechargeable 21700 battery, holster, charging cable, lanyard, spare rings, and a user manual. The Cyansky H5GT is a multifunctional flashlight catering to diverse lighting needs.

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Armytek Crystal Pro Signal Light

The Armytek Crystal Pro Signal Light stands out as a versatile and efficient flashlight, offering both white and red light options to accommodate various lighting needs. Constructed with a fully luminous body made of translucent matte polycarbonate, it provides a unique design solution for efficient flood beams, making it suitable for close-distance lighting and acting as a light marker. The dual lighting options include a main white light LED with a maximum output of 30 lumens and three red light LEDs for activities like camping, stargazing, and fishing. Notably, it features a bicycle brake light mode with a built-in 3D accelerometer for enhanced visibility and safety while cycling. With a compact size, steel clip, headband, and lanyard for versatile carrying options, the Crystal Pro Signal Light is designed for convenience and adaptability. The flashlight's user-friendly features, rugged design, and IP67 rating contribute to its reliability and durability, making it an excellent choice for outdoor activities and everyday use.

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In conclusion, as we dive into the exciting realm of Black Friday, seize the opportunity to take advantage of unbeatable discounts of up to 40% on our carefully curated selection of coveted products. Whether you're a fan of flashlight, camping gear, trekking essentials, tactical solutions, or high-quality knives, our Black Friday Sale at Flashlightgo has something for you. Don't miss this chance to redefine the concept of savings and immerse yourself in the joy of discovering extraordinary deals. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Black Friday and happy shopping!

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