9 Best Olight Flashlight Reviews: Illuminate Your Path In 2023

9 Best Olight Flashlight Reviews: Illuminate Your Path In 2023

With 2022 coming to an end, is time to take a look at the latest flashlights that have came out recently and are available today, so that you can already choose your perfect christmas gift for you or for a loved one.

Today we are focusing on one of the best Flashlight Brands: Olight. Known for their increidble lineup of flashlights, ranging from a small EDC lights, tactical lights, camping lights, headlamps, working lights and flashlights bright enough to lighthen up a stadium! They are all well made, with a great guarantee; and if you want to satisfy your need to buy a unique flashlight, they also do limited edition with different anodisation colors or materials (brass, copper, titanium).

After extensive testing of the Olight line, we present you what we believe are the best 9 Olight Flashlights, so you can start your 2023 by keeping the darkness away.

Quick Summary:

• Flashlightgo's Recommend: Olight Haloop

"This Olight Haloop is a functional and powerful 360-degree small UFO Camping Metal Light, it is easy to assemble to most any umbrella, shade canopy, or pyramid tent."

• Best Camping Lantern: Olight Olantern Classic 2 Pro

"The Olight Olantern Classic 2 Pro is an elegant and functional rechargeable camping lantern with Retro Style & Multifunctional, it radiates 360 degrees and is ideal as a camping or outdoor light."

• Best Flat Flashlight: Olight Arkfeld

"Olight Arkfeld is a dual light source EDC Flat Flashlight,flat & ultra-thin body makes it extremely comfortable to hold in your hand or carry in a pocket. "

• Best Long Range EDC Flashlight: Olight Javelot Mini

"Olight Javelot Mini is an ultra-compact and Long Range EDC Flashlight with an amazing 600-meter throw,Olight's first EDC flashlight with a round emitter."

• Best EDC Tactical Flashlight: Olight Warrior Mini 2

"This Olight Warrior mini 2 is a green tactical cigar EDC flashligh,it is a perfect flashlight for everyday use,the smart proximity sensor will automatically decreases the power of the flashlight."

• Best Keychain Light: Olight IXV

"This Olight iXV is a small keychain flashlight ideal for being attached to a bunch of house or car keys, it adopts aII-new USB-C port and generates a max output of 180 lumens."

• Best Small Headlamp: Olight H05S

"Olight H05S is a small headlamp with a power of 200 lumens ideal for everyday use and with the possibility of being controlled by gesture controls."

• Best Safety Night Light: Olight Gober

"This Olight Gober is an extremely compact and lightweight signal night light,only 1.5 inches in length but Powerful,"

• Best Powerful Flashlight: Olight Marauder 2

"This Olight Marauder 2 is a Powerful searchlight,it offers crazy bright LED with a maximum 14,000-lumen flood beam and a maximum reachable distance of 800 meters."

Top 9 Olight Flashlights in 2023

1, Flashlightgo Recommend: Olight Haloop

• Max Performance: 600 lumens
• Charging: TYPE-C Charging Cable
• Batteries: 18500*4 /1S4P/3.6V/8800mAh
• Waterproof: IPX5
• Weight: 33.5 oz (950 g)
• Size: 3.80 in X 8.03 in X 7.80 in

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The Olight Haloop is a great umbrella light, usable both in the patios of your garden or balconies, it easily adapts on poles with a diameter from 0.79 inches to 2.17 inches, it also has a built in stainless steel hook to hang it safely to other points, like the branch of a tree, or just hanging from a rope.

The Haloop has been built with the functionality of a patio light in mind: provinding you diffused warm light thanks to the 6 LEDs filaments, robust with its IPX5 water resistant rating and with a solid metal body and durable ABS globe. Olight has also updated the Haloop with the latest technology of today: built in 8800mah lithium ion battery, rechargeable with USB-C port, 18W quick charging, and is able to be used as a powerbank to charge your smartphone or your other devices.

The Haloop battery can charge 3 Iphone 13 completely, or just run the lowest output for 180 uninterroupted hours.

The Haloop is suitable for all your lighting needs: with a light colour ranging from 1900/2000K when in orange mode, to 5000-5500K when the white color is activated. The Haloop features a stepless rotating switch to finely and precisely regulate the output to your needs: cooking, reading, ambient lighting...

Small and lightweight, the The Haloop is available in 3 colors: black, forest green and clay beige.

What do we love it for?
- Simple to operate as a vintage light
- Great beam and a superb orange light, with stepless dimming
- USB-C rechargeable and able to work as a powerbank.

What could be improved?
- The integrated battery is not user replaceable, and being built by 4x18650 batteries we would liked to have more capacity and/or the possibility to insert our own individual batteries.

2, Best Camping Lantern: Olight Olantern Classic 2 Pro

• Max Performance: 300 lumens
• Charging: USB-C or Olight MCC charging cable
• Batteries: Built-in 3.6V 11200mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack (4 x 18650
• Waterproof: IPX5
• Weight: 26.69 oz (756.6 g)
• Size: Height 7.32 in,Cap Diameter4.88 in

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The Olight OIantern Classic 2 Pro is the great granson of a petrol lantern. While the aesthetics might look similar, Olight has packed the Olantern Classic 2 pro with all the upgrades that will make you prepared to face 2023.

Powered by 4AA batteries, the Olantern Classic 2 Pro has a uniform 360° illumination area, great both for power outages (when you have to light an entire room) or your backyard get togethers. Thanks to 2 LED modules, safely encapsulated by transparent plastic, you will have a very cozy and enjoyable warm light, spacing from 10 to 240 lumens.

Switch from White light, to brighten up your room during power outages, to warm cozy orange light for illuminating your parties with a unique atmosphere.
The 4AA are cheap and available everywhere, and thanks to the great work by Olight engineers, it can run up to 105 hours uninterrupted.

The output can be adjusted steplessly by a rotating knob; and it has a 3 stage LED battery indicator.

The Olantern Classic 2 can safely stand, thanks to its wide base and anti slipping silicone inserts, or can be hanged using the handle on top. Like the petrol lanterns, it can be carried in the hand using the metallic handle, but Olight made sure to coat it with silicone, making it easier to grip and confortable to hold in the cold.

The Olantern Classic 2 looks great as a party decoration, but is not afraid to face the oudoors, with an IPX5 waterproof rating; and the metal housing makes the lantern impact resistant.

Wether you are using it in your garage, or in your living room as a designer object, you can choose the color to best fit your needs: forest green or clay beige.

What do we love it for?
- Never old vintage design
- Great ambient light or backup light for power outages
- Intuitive UI

What could be improved?
- 4 AA are readily available, but a lithium ion option would have granted more output and runtime.

3, Best Flat Flashlight: Olight Arkfeld

Max Performance: 1,000 lumens
• Charging: MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging
• Batteries: Built-in 1050mAh Lithium Polymer Battery
• Waterproof: IPX7
• Weight: 3.07 oz (87 g)(Battery Included)
• Size: 0.59 in X 4.33 in X 0.98 in

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The Olgiht Arkfeld is a unique flashlight, that combines the regular output of 1000 lumen of a flashlight, with a green laser. All packaged in a very stilish rectangular body. The rectangular body is derived form a unique one-piece molding process, that allows the light to be exuisitely pleasing, with a seamless body without any junctions or interruptions. The unique construction also makes the Olight Arkfeld more rugged and reliable.

The Olight Arkfeld is available with different colors of body: black, orange, dark green, brown and blu.

Constructed around the idea of being your reliable flashlight during your business trips or your presentation, it's reliable, powerful and looks great as an addition to your Business EDC. The Green laser is bright and easily seen, allowing you to give better presentations. The pocket clip allows the arkfeld to fit securely and discretely inside your bag or your suit.

The light has 5 different modes: moon (1 Lumen), low (15 lumens), medium (60 lumens), high (300 lumens) and turbo (1000 lumens).

With a weight of just 87 grams and a pocket size of 110x25x15 mm, doesn't even let you stress over changing the batteries, with a USB charging cable, it can easily be charged before your presentations or in the car as you go on with your business trip. With 4 stage LED battery indicator, you will always know how much runtime you have left.

The Olight Arkfeld has a unique rotatory switch that allows you to change the output and the mode, and a electronic lockout to protect it from accidental activation.

The unique molded body also has better heat dissipation compared to regular flashlight, but in addition to that, the Arkfeld has an active thermal management, decreasing the output of the light to preserve the reliabilty of its electronics, based on the internal temperature.

What do we love it for?
- Unique look with different colors available
- A joy to carry, with a slim body and a deep carry pocket clip
- Great functionality for business and presentations
- The charging port looks great...

What could be improved?
- But the proprietary magnetic charging cable means you will have to carry with you an extra cable. A USB-C port would have made things more practical, but we understand the choiche due to the design of the light.

4, Best Long Range EDC Flashlight: Olight Javelot Mini

 Max Performance: 1,000 lumens
• Charging: MCC1A / MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable
• Batteries: 3.6V 2040mAh 18500 Rechargeable Lithium
• Waterproof: IPX8
• Weight: 5.43 oz (154 g)
• Size: Length 4.53i n,Head Diameter 1.57 in

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The Olight Javelot Mini is built to have a focused beam capable to hit the ojbect at the distance... and also keeping your EDC needs in mind.

For its 600 meters of throw, it has a rather compact size: measiuring 115 mm in lenght and a head diameter or 40 mm, for 154 grams of weight; the Olight Javelot mini is not the light you will be leaving at home because you don't want to carry big and heavy flashlights.

Wether you plan of using the light in the outdoors camping, or for your Search and rescue operations as a law enforcement member, or just as an EDC, the Javelot Mini is a jack of all trades.

Powered by a single 18500 lithium ion battery, and easily rechargeable using Olight magnetic switch, the Javelot Mini has a max output of 1000 lumens, and a max runtime of 4 hours and 57 minutes.

The special flat concave tailcap allows the light to be more confortable to use with your thumb, while being able to be attached to iron materials, thanks to the sturdy magnet.

Part of the idea of designin the Javelot Mini as an EDC also went to the creatino of a holster that provides several carrying methods. The clip of the holster is rugged and allows it to be mounted on your backpack or your belt.
No need to worry about checking a battery indicator, as the Javelot mini has a internal vibrating motor that will vibrate once every 5 minutes when the light has less than 30% of battery left, twice per minute under 10% and 3 times every 10 seconds under 5%.

What do we love it for?
- Great ratio of size/weight and throw
- Innovative vibrating function
- Magnet tailcap combines the usefulness of a magnet that can keep the light fixed to steel, and ease of not messing with USB rubber covers

What could be improved?
- The magnetic charger and the battery are proprietary and more expansive than regular cables and batteries if you need a replacement.
- A warm tint option would be nice

5, Best EDC Tactical Flashlight: Olight Warrior Mini 2


 Max Performance: 1,750 lumens
• Charging: MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable
• Batteries: Customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 Rechargeable
• Waterproof: IPX8
• Weight: 4.3 oz (122 g)
• Size: Length 4.65 in,Head Diameter 0.98 in,Body 0.91 in

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The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is the second EDC Tactical flashlight on our list. And being from Olight, is packed with features.

With a max output of 1750 lumen, with a throw of 220 meters and a 45 day runtime, is your compact Tactical light.

The compactness in the name, is reflected only in its size, being 122 grams heavy, and measuring 118 mm in lenght, for 25 mm of diameter at the head... and not by the almost 2000 lumens output.

With its dual switches, it can accomodate both EDC and tactical uses: the side switch selects between 6 output modes, while the dual stage tail switch allows for immediate tactical operations.

The battery used by the Warrior Mini 2 is a lithium ion 18650 with a capacity of 3500mAh, rechargeable via the magnetic cable.

The reversible clip allows for deep carry, as well as bezel up or down carry. If you are not using the clip, the Warrior Mini 2 comes with a carabiner style ring, to increase the ways of carrying the light with you.

An innovative feature is the safe proximitiy protection, a system that dims the output when the light is blocked by a nearby object, preventing the risk of you getting blazed by the reflection, as well as avoiding overheating in the event of an accidental activation in your pocket or in your bag.

Wether you are carrying the Warrior Mini 2 in an EDC environment or in a desert, you can pick the color that can better go along with you in your adventures: black, desert tan, desert camouflage.

What do we love it for?
- Great ratio of size/weight and output
- Dual switch allows to fit tactical and EDC needs without compromises
- Safe proximity sensor

What could be improved?
- The magnetic charger and the battery are proprietary and more expansive than regular cables and batteries if you need a replacement.
- A warm tint option would be nice

6, Best Keychain Light: Olight IXV

iXV Keychain Light

 Max Performance: 180 lumens
• Charging: USB A-C Charging Cable 
• Batteries: 3.7V 130mAh 10220 Rechargeable Lithium-ion
• Waterproof: IPX8
• Weight: 0.78 oz (22 g) 
• Size: Length 2.02i n,Head Diameter 0.64 in

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The sixt item in this list is defenetly a must have for everyone, not only for flashlight enthusiast, The Olight IXV is a super compact and stylish keychain light.

What you need from a keychain light? compactness, reliable, ease to charge, ease to operate and avoid accidental activation.

The IXV matches all these boxes: with its rugged aluminum construction the IXV is reliable and can widstand years of being carried, dropped, dragged on your keychain with your keys. With its nanoscopic size and weight (51 mm in lenght, 16 mm wide, 22 grams), you'll forget you are carrying it with your keys, until you will need it and know it's there, ready to use.

The charging process is super easy thanks to a USB-C port, that is now accessible just by untwisting the head of the light, without separating the 2 components of the light, but just exposing it. The charging process is easy to monitor thanks to a LED indicator (green = charged, red = charged).

The interface is super simple, with just 2 modes (all you need on a keychain light): low 5 lumens and high 180 lumens; twist the body on the head slightly for low, fully tighten it for high mode. That's it, easy to operate in the dark, with one hand and even with gloves.

The beam of the IXV is wide and soft, perfect for your close needs of light, thanks to the TIR lens coupled by a High performance LED.

Dropped your keys in a pothole with water? The water is not a problem for the IXV, thanks to its IPX8 waterproof rating.

Fancy treating you with a different finish on your keychain light? The IXV is available from the classic black anodisation to: desert tan, OD green, Pink and Titanium Damascus.

What do we love it for?
- Everything
What could be improved?
- You'll end up buying them in dozen, for all your set if keys, for your colleagues, friends and relatives.
- A warm tint option would be nice

7, Best Small Headlamp: Olight H05S

AAA Alkaline Battery

 Max Performance: 200 lumens
• Batteries: AAA Alkaline Battery
• Waterproof: IPX2
• Weight: 67.5g / 2.38oz
• Size: 2.30 in x 1.44 in x 1.33 in 

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Not everyday you need a super performing headlamps, in fact most of the time you need a compact and lightway headlamp with a decent output and a easy interface.

The H05S is exactly that. Hit the night up to 60 meters and 200 lumens, and your daily task will be completed easily. With its 3 white light modes, and 2 red light outputs, you will have all the light you need.

The H05S despite its small size and simple features, does not lack in innovation: with the hand wave control you can move your hand close to the light (5 to 20 cm) to turn the light on and off, without having to reach the switch.

The nylon elasitc strap will fit all head sizes, from your children's garden adventures, to yours and the one of your neighbour that keeps borrowing flashlights from you.

The headlamp is tiltable up to 45°, allowing you to direct the beam where you need it the most, be it a path in the outdoors or a DIY item.

Powered by just 2 readily available and inexprensive AAA batteries, has a max output of 200 lumens and a max runtime of 18 hours.

While the white LED mode of the H05S is perfect for all your regular needs, the red mode is defenetly a plus for preserving night vision, or signalling your presence on the road or during an emergency, thanks to the ability to pass from constant output to flashing mode.

With its compact form factor, measuring just 58x36x34 mm for 67 grams, you'll even forget you have it in your head while you are using it.

What do we love it for?
- Good ratio of size/output
- Simple interface
- Wave feature

What could be improved?
- 2 AA batteries would have made the light slightly bigger but defenetly with more output and runtime.

8, Best Safety Night Light: Olight Gober


 Max Performance: 4 lumens
• Charging: USB-cCharging Cable
• Batteries: 3.7V 240mAh
• Waterproof: IPX4
• Weight: 0.5 oz (16 g)
• Size: 1.5 in x 1.5 in x 0.69 in 

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Believe it or not, often the light that makes us the safest is not the brightes or the one with more throw. Is a simple light, powerful enough to makes you (and your pet) visible in the darkness from bikes and cars.

The Olight Gober is a great safety light, with its compact size, easy to use with a sturdy and versatible plastic clip, compatible with belts, backpacks and MOLLE systems. Measuring just 38 mm in diameter for a height of 17 mm, and at only 16 grams, you'll forget you are carrying it with you.

With its built in lithium ion 240mah battery, rechargeable via the USB-C port, it offers up to 28 hours of runtime.

The secret to a great safery light also passes through its simple interface, the Gober has just one switch for an easy one handed operation.

No need to worry about the water when encountering the rain with the Gober, thanks to its IPX4 rating and its 1 meter drop resistance.

With its 3 high performance LEDs, has 4 color setting, easily pass from constant mode (4 lumens, 11 hours) to flashing mode (4 lumens, 21.5 hours) to RGB transition (4 hours, 28 hours) to SOS (4 lumens, 25 hours).

What do we love it for?
- Great clip and interface
- Different light modes, both for color and flashing
- USB-C Charging

What could be improved?
- A bit more output would not have hurt

9, Best Powerful Flashlight: Olight Marauder 2

 Max Performance: 14,000 lumens 
• Charging: USB-C Charging Cable
• Batteries: Customized Three 3.6V 5000mAh 21700 Rechargeable Lithium-ion
• Waterproof: IPX8
• Weight: 26.5 oz (750 g)
• Size: Length 5.51 in,Head Diameter 3.11 in,Body 2.09 in

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14000 lumen. Do we have to say more?
The Marauder 2 is an improved version of the X7R Marauder. An additional LED has been added at the center of the head to allow a max thro of 800 meters, while 12 small LEDs are at the edge of the head, creating a devastating flood beam of 14000 lumens. Thanks to the 2 switches on the body of the light, the Marauder 2 can easily toggle between throw and flood mode, while the rotating switch allows to change the brightness. The selected brightness level is revealed by and indicator next to the switch, and there's an additional indicator for the battery level and the charging progress.

The 14000 lumen produces a lot of heat, and to safeguard you and the internal components of the light, there are 2 systems: a proximity sensor (avoids also blinding you with the reflection of the light from a close object) and a thermal managing sensor. The 54Wh rechargeable integrated battery pack allows both power and runtime, and doubles as a powerbank. The USB-C port is used to charge the light and also as a powerbank port with a remarkable 30W output. The charging port is shielded from the elements thanks to a rubber port cover that opens and closes with one hand, making the light IPX8 waterproof.

All of this, in a form factor that easily fit your hand, with a size of 140mm in lenght, head diameter of 79 mm and a body diameter of 53 mm for a weight of 750 grams.

One of the most recognisable beast flashlight from Olight, perfect for the outdoors, search and rescue operation and law enforcement.
Available in a ton of different colors: Black, orange, od green, desert camouflage, gunmetal grey, blue, desert tan and antique bronze.

What do we love it for?
- 14000 lumens
- powerbank mode
- Great tacticle interface
- Brightness indicator
- USB-C Charging

What could be improved?
- Integrated battery not replaceable by the user
- A warm tint option would be nice

Things to Consider

We hope that you are able to navigate better through the wide catalogue of Olight Flashlights with our small guide.

There's always a reason to upgrade your flashlight, wether you want more output, a different design, new features, the powerbank functionality, or upgrading the charging port from a micro USB to a magnetic cable or to a USB-C port (to bring one cable less and not have to orient the cable when inserting it in the port); Olight has plenty of choice for every one of your needs and requirements.

Olight flashlights Benefits

There are countless reasons why pick a Olight flashlight.
Olight is a premium Flashlight Manufacturer, this means every one of their flashlight is engeneered starting from your needs, perfectly built and finished.

Olight lights are packed with upgrades, and spacing from a keychain light to a monster like the Marauder 2; wether you need a flood beam or a thrower beam; from the EDC to the tactical light to use in the most dire situations... you will defenetly find your next light in their lineup.

Last but not least, Olight stands behind their product with an outstanding warranty, rangin from 2 years to 5 years.

How to Pick the Best Olight flashlights?

Type And Applications:

Olight makes all kind of lights, from handheld flashlights to headlamps, lanterns and safety indicators. To make the best choice of your next Olight flashlight, first you need to focus on your requirements. Think about the last time you wanted to use a flashlight, what where you doing and where were you?
- If you need to make light while working on DIY projects, or you need your hands free, your best choice is a headlamp
- If you need a EDC flashlight, focus on the size that you can carry most of the times and most confortably; the max output is important, but also is the interface, olight offers plenty of different interface, from electronic switches that you press to rotary switches that you need to twist to operate. The number of levels is also relevant, some of us need 2 modes, other 6 different outputs. EDC flashlights are nowadays a no brainer, with their significant high output and decent throw, easy interface with several modes.
- If you need a Tactical flashlight, the most important part is the interface. A tactical flashlight often trades the number of modes for a simple, more direct and mistake free interface. The 2 step switch interface on their Tactical Warrior series is great.
- If you need a Thrower light, the most important part is not the output but its concentration. The smaller the LED and the bigger the diffuser, the more concentrated the beam will be and more distance it will reach.


- Aluminum is the most diffused material, rough and reliable. Olight makes a lot of aluminum flashlights with different anodisation colors.
- copper is a great and unique material for crafting a flashlight, making sure it will get a vintage incredible patina with time and offers great heat dissipation ability.
- Stainless steel is the most scratch resistent material, but is generally not coated and will add in weight.
- Titanium: light and unique, is often used for exlusive limited series, it can be polished or flamed for incredible colors.

Working and charging time:

What's the use of a light if the battery run out? The time of disposable batteries is long gone on flashlights nowadays, and Olight's lineup is not an exeption. You have the choice of rechargeable batteries on most of their models. Nimh batteries are cheap, but will require a separate external charger; li-ion batteries are more powerful, offer more capacity, can often be charged when inside thel ight and can be charged faster than nimh batteries. Another advante of bigger lithium ion batteries is, beside their superior power and runtime, they can work as a powerbank.

To pick the correct battery size for your flashlight you have to consider how many hours are you gonna run it before charging. For short uses, AAA/AA/14500/16340/10440 batteries can offer a few hours at low-mid output, and a few minutes at high outputs; bigger, 18650, 21700 or battery packs are gonna run for days at low mid output, and hours at higher outputs.

The bigger lithium ion batteries can also be charged faster, thanks to their ability to manage well higher charging currents.


For a keychain light, or a small EDC light, a max output of 200 lumens is more than enough (remember the times when we were happy with a 20 lumen incandescent light?) for reaching objects at 10-20 meters; for distances of 50 meters the lumens should generally be around 500; and 1000 lumens for 100 meters.


- If you need a Thrower light, the most important part is not the output but its concentration. The smaller the LED and the bigger the diffuser, the more concentrated the beam will be and more distance it will reach.
- If you need a Flood light, with a bright beam that is wide and enlightens well the items near you, a smaller reflector will produce a wider beam. Generally speaking, flood lights are smaller than thrower lights and have a higher output.


The care and craftmanship of Olight is spread throughout their lineup, starting at just few $ for their Keychain models and all the way up.

Generally speaking, the budget someone should consider when buying their flashlight depends mostly on the materials (aluminum is the base version, copper, stainless and titanium will add cost), the size (the bigger lights cost more), and the output of the light.

A higher output means the light must use better batteries, better internal components and heat dissipation abilities, all building up to more cost.

Another thing to consider in the price is the presence of batteries (most of Olight batteries already come with batteries included) and other accessories (holster, lanyards, charging cables); as well as the outstanding warranty that Olight recognises.

EDC lights can be found from 20$ to 110$, tactical lights for under 150$, headlamps from 30$ to 90$.

We overall believe that whatever your budget is, money spent for an Olight Flashlight are money well spent.

Why is the Arkfeld Flat EDC Flashlight a best seller? Is it worth buying?

There are several reasons behind the popularity of the Arkfeld Flat Light. First and formost, as the name says, is the only flashlight I can bring up to memory with a flat design.

A flat design means that the light is more confortable to hold in the hand, to carry in your bag or in your pocket and ... it just looks different and beautiful.
The flat deisgn is also greatly complimented by the single molded construction used by Olight to make it, so the Arkfled looks like a single piece of aluminum, beautifully linear and smooth, without and discontinuity. This design also allows you to use the clip to carry the light inside your pocket confortably and discretely.

The Arkfeld also is available in a moltitude of colors, from the classic black to, still business appropriate, desert tan, od green, and a nice bright blue.
The unique built in green laser is another reason behind its success. A green laser is useful from helping you better illustrate your presentations, to discretely indicating objects in the distance.... and let's not forget playing around with your pet!

Before the Arkfeld, you had to bring with you 2 different items: a flashlight and a laser, and worry about 2 batteries. Now you have all in one package, with the possiblity of charging it on the go thanks to the Olight Magnetic Cable. The 1050 mAh li po built in battery can be charged fully in hust 2 hours; and with the built in battery indicator you will know at what point your battery is in a very precise way: 4 green LEDs = >75%, 3 green LEDs = 50-75%, 2 green LEDs = 25-50%, 1 green LED = 10-25%, 1 red LED = <10%.

The Arkfeld avoid accidental discharging of the battery thanks to the electronic lockout, and easily transition between LED and laser with an intuitive (and fun to play with) rotating toggle switch.

The light mode of the Arkfeld will not disappoint you with its 5 modes and a max output of 1000 lumens; all the modes are well regulated as showed in the manual of the light.

These are some of the reasons we could come up with, for explaining its popoularity as a best seller.

However we think the main reason is that sometimes you see something, an object so beautiful and different from all the others, that in this case also offers you a great deal in functionality... and you just fall in love with it, and you must have it, no matter what.

Maybe this is the reason on why the Arkfeld is so popular, not because of the laser or the 1000 lumen output, but because it's so unique and beautiful that it just has a place in your heart.

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