Camping Lantern 101: The Best Camping Lantern Of 2023

Camping Lantern 101: The Best Camping Lantern Of 2023

When you decide to go camping there is always the doubt about what to bring with you. We always try to think of everything that can be used and above all we try to save space inside the backpack and we try not to carry objects that may not be essential and that would only unnecessarily increase the overall weight of the equipment. Furthermore, if you already know that camping involves long and tiring walks, you only need to bring with you the indispensable equipment: if you will be away for several days, you need to provide the right supplies of food such as food and water, the correct clothing to protect yourself from the cold and heat, accessories for eating such as mess tins, cutlery, pots and plates, equipment for the bivouac and for sleeping at night such as tents and mattresses, and then we think of the lighting. Having a light source with you is essential on campsites and outdoor adventures where you are away from civilization for several days. Therefore, a good light that can be used in case of emergency or to be used for a long time during the night must certainly not be missing in the backpack of a camper or hiker. It is possible to opt for simple front torches to be held on the head and which allow lighting without using the hands: in this way it is possible to go and collect wood, pitch a tent, look for food and cook even in total darkness and with hands free. Another solution is to use what are often referred to as camping torches and which are actually lanterns that usually emit light in all directions and which allow you to illuminate well in the immediate vicinity. These camping lights can have different shapes, different powers and can be equipped with LEDs that produce beams with different colors. Often these types of light have bidirectional C-type charging interfaces and can therefore also be used as power banks and electronic devices such as cell phones, smartphones and GPS even where there is no electricity. Having a light that can also be used as a powerbank is essential when camping. For any emergency situation it is always good to have a charged smartphone and a light source that can be used for a long time. In this article we will focus on the latest lantern camping torches on the market:

Fenix CL28R: is a compact and powerful lantern capable of delivering white and red light and with a maximum power of 2000 lumens. The torch is powered by two large-capacity 5000 mah batteries that allow high autonomy. This flashlight produces a beam that radiates light at 160°. It features a COB LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. The light temperature can be changed from 2700 K up to 6000 K. The torch is equipped with two rotary knobs which allow you to vary the light intensity and the color temperature of the light. This light also features a set of 4 blue status LEDs that light up to indicate the progress of the battery charge. Between the two rotary switches, the Fenix CL28R has the Type-C charging interface well protected by a thick rubber cap. In addition to this there is also a USB-A fast charging port that allows you to power any type of compatible electronic device with a USB cable. This way this flashlight can also be used as a power bank.

Fenix CL28R Work light

The handle of the Fenix CL28R rotates 360 degrees, and is made of robust and resistant plastic. Inside there are powerful neodymium magnets that allow you to fix the flashlight to any ferromagnetic surface. On the rotating handle there is also a ¼ screw to allow the flashlight to be connected to a tripod, for example. The dimensions of the Fenix CL28R are 100 mm in height, 97 mm in width and 41 mm in thickness, while the weight is 376 g including the battery. The water resistance is given by the IP66 standard while the shock resistance is 1.5 meters high. The package includes a Type-C charging cable, warranty card, user manual and a keychain.

Nitecore LR40: it is a lantern-shaped camping torch, rechargeable and with a maximum output of 100 lumens. Its maximum running time when used at its lowest output level is 65 hours or about 2.7 days. This flashlight also features a special SOS flashing mode for use in emergency situations. This is a flashlight, it allows you to radiate a beam of light with different shades of color. Indeed, it is possible to choose between warm light, cold light, neutral light and red light. The beam produced illuminates in all directions at 360°, so you can use this flashlight as if it were a small chandelier. The dimensions of this flashlight are 177 mm in length, 96 mm in height, 96 mm in width, while the weight is 222 grams. This flashlight is ideal for outdoor activities but also for camping. Interface management is ensured by a professional and precise rotary selector mounted on the top of the head. In fact, just flip this switch to change the light output. The power supply of the LR 40 is guaranteed by an internal 4000 mAh battery which allows a maximum autonomy of 65 hours when used with the Low Warm White Light setting.

Nitecore LR40 Camping Lantern

Sofirn LT1s: is a compact and powerful lantern capable of delivering white and red light and with a maximum output of 500 lumens. This flashlight produces a beam that radiates light at 360°. It is equipped with 40 different LEDs that allow you to illuminate an entire room or a curtain without causing discomfort to the eyes if observed directly. There are 36 CSP1919 LEDs and 4 red LEDs, with a maximum output of 500 lm up to 18 meters of maximum distance achievable using the flashlight on the Turbo power level. Power is supplied by a single 5000 mAh type 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery. There is a bi-directional type-c interface that allows you to power any type of electronic device and also allows you to recharge the battery inside. A practical steel ring allows you to carry the torch and use it attached to any object as if it were a small chandelier. The low voltage warning allows you to understand when the cell voltage is below the minimum limit.

Sofirn LT1S

Fenix CL30R: is a practical camping lantern that provides a diffused 360-degree beam that can also be used as a normal power bank to recharge any type of USB device. The CL30R's beam produces 650 lumens per turbo and is capable of all-around illumination for a maximum range of 35 meters. For example, placed within a room, the 360-degree beam is capable of illuminating completely on all sides.

Fenix CL30R

Inside the Fenix CL30R there are three rechargeable lithium-ion batteries in the 18650 format model ARB L18 2600mAH which guarantee a total autonomy of 300 hours at the lowest output level. By using different cells, such as 3500mAh 18650 batteries, the maximum runtime increases up to 400 hours of maximum runtime. Among the main features of this product there is also that of functioning as if it were a normal power bank for recharging electronic devices: thanks to the USB-A output interface it is possible, via a classic USB cable, to use the CL30R as a source . power supply for smartphones, cameras, speakers, etc. The dimensions of the Fenix CL30R are: diameter 93 mm, height 136 mm for a weight of 412 g (batteries and other accessories excluded).

Olight Olantern Classic 2 Pro: is a stylish and functional camping light with the classic shape of an antique oil lantern. The ambient light it produces is regulated continuously thanks to a rotary switch that acts as a dimmer and thanks to the presence of two different LEDs with different warm colors. You can switch very quickly from the low level of 10 lumens to the high level of 300 lumens continuously thanks to the dimmer of this lantern. This means that there are no predefined output levels, but the user chooses the brightness he prefers and the color he prefers. This lantern produces a uniform beam of light that radiates 360 degrees and is ideal as a camping or outdoor light, but also as a backup light in the house or in a camper. The Olight Olantern Classic 2 Pro is powered by an internal 11200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion cell that guarantees a maximum autonomy of 180 hours (7.5 days) with a reduced power of 10 lumens.Olight Lantern Classic 2 pro

Sunrei Phantom Retro: It is a small camping lantern that produces a soft, pleasant and soft light. The special retro design is reminiscent of the oil lamps of yesteryear and is particularly beautiful and elegant. Among its main features there is also that of acting as a power bank, in fact it is possible to use its internal battery to recharge any electronic device compatible with the USB standard. For example, you can recharge your mobile phone or tablet when you are camping or when you are in nature where there is no electricity. The internal battery has an incredible capacity of 10400 mAh with a 3.7 V battery pack. The light produced can be adjusted both in intensity and in terms of color temperature: it is in fact possible to switch from a very warm 1300K orange light to a 2700K warm light. The waterproofing is given by the IPX5 standard so the light is resistant to splashes and humidity, so there is no problem using it in the rain. In the upper part, the torch is equipped with a practical carrying handle which, if necessary, can also be used to hook the torch anywhere as if it were a small chandelier.

Sunrei Camping Lantern

SuperFire T58/T58-S: it is a small and elegant camping lantern with a retro style and equipped with two LED emitters and 20 SMD LEDs. The maximum output of this light is two watts while the maximum light output is between 12 lumens and 239 lumens. The lighting modes are 7 and allow you to manage a wide range of situations. The CE type charging interface allows you to quickly recharge the pack which consists of 3 AAA cells. The irradiation of this light allows you to illuminate up to 4.5 m2 well, while the maximum autonomy is 3.5 hours using the lowest output level. This lamp has five light sources and seven lighting modes: you can switch from “Tungsten filament warm light” to SMD Warm Light to SMD white light to Mixed light. Furthermore, with a double click on the switch it is possible to access the red light function, ideal at night to not strain the eyes or used for them as a signal light and in emergency situations.

Surefire T58

When camping, it is of fundamental importance to have a light source that allows you to guarantee light for several hours. It also has to be a light that can be used in any weather, whether it's hot, cold or rainy. So the water resistance should be high, therefore at least IP68 or IPX8, it is also advisable to bring lights that are robust, not bulky and that can also be used as a power bank if it is necessary to charge your smartphone: this is a very useful function if you goes camping in an isolated area where there is no electricity.

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