The 8 Best EDC UV Flashlights

The 8 Best EDC UV Flashlights

The UV ultraviolet light finds application in different fields: it is useful, for example, for the disinfection of surfaces and materials, to detect body fluids, in inspections of industrial plants to detect leaks or spills of oils or other substances, for the detection of counterfeit banknotes, to search for animals that reflect this wavelength such as scorpions and to dry resins and other materials. On sale there are various torches that use UV LEDs and among these we have selected some that stand out for their characteristics of reliability, quality of materials and portability.

Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 UV

It is a small EDC flashlight equipped with a 365nm Luminus SST-10 UV LED with a useful life of 50,000 hours. This light is powered via a single 14500 Li-ion cell. Its user interface is very simple and has only two power levels: high and low. The user interface of the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 UV also provides for the memorization of the last used output level. The optical part, in addition to the Luminus SST-10 UV LED, is composed of a ZWB2 type lens which further purifies the UV ray produced by the LED. There are 4 output levels and you can switch between them using the tail switch and rotating the head. The optional magnetic cap to be placed in the tail allows you to use the torch in tailstanding as if it were a candle. The dimensions are 92 x 18 mm while the weight is only 24 grams excluding battery. The body of the lumintop Tool AA 2.0 UV is made entirely of aircraft aluminum with a premium type III hard anodized finish resistant to abrasion and wear, the knurling increases grip and improves grip.


This professional flashlight uses the original Nichia UV LED from Japan, with pure ultraviolet light and a real life span of more than 20,000 hours . It is powered by a 18650 type Li-ion battery. The maximum light intensity is greater than 72000μW/cm2 at 15cm distance and 30000μW/cm2 at 38cm distance. The wavelength of the light beam is 365nm. The rechargeable Li-ion battery as a power source can last at least 3 hours. To use it is very simple, just insert the battery and the flashlight is ready to use. There is no need to warm up the light before use as was the case with previous generation lamps. This flashlight is designed with a specially made dark filter lens, which only passes light with a wavelength of 365nm. The battery is recharged through the type-c interface with which it is equipped. Common applications of this light can be:leak detection in special gas pipes, oil pipes, air conditioners, circulation systems in automobiles grease and oil stain detection, clue detection at the crime scene, chemical combustible material detection at the fire scene. identification of A, B, C emeralds, ivory and bone, wolf's teeth, ancient paintings, books, porcelains, polymerization of glue, inks and adhesives, identification of banknotes, invoices, ID cards, passports, credit cards etc.

Tank007 UV210

torch with 275 nm LED emitter which allows the sterilization of materials and surfaces at a distance of 10cm. This light is powered by a 5000mAh 21700 cell which allows it to run continuously for several hours. Dimensions are 110mm x 28mm x 28mm . The Tank007 UV210 is equipped with a support base that allows it to be used without the use of hands and allows you to direct the light beam exactly where it is needed thanks to the joint it is equipped with. The maximum power of this light is 6.3W and the irradiation power is 17mW.

Tank007 UV330

The Tank007 UV330 is a small and compact UV flashlight, very light and comfortable to carry, for example inside a pocket or bag. It is equipped with a UV LED which produces a beam with 365 nm and 481000 uW/cm2. The constant current integrated circuit allows an always stable output even with decreasing cell voltage. There is also no annoying PWM that can be seen in flashlights that do not have a constant current circuit. The size of this finger light is extremely small; 7 cm in length, 19.2 mm in body diameter and weighing only 21 grams excluding battery (1xAA usually weighs 6 to 10 g). The torch is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum with an anodized finish which makes this torch extremely robust, long-lasting, resistant to scratches, abrasions and bad weather.

TANK007 E15 Ai UV

very small keychain flashlight equipped with a UV LED useful for different scenarios and applications. It features an imported UV LED that produces a beam with a wavelength of 365nm. Thanks to the constant current circuit with which this lamp is equipped, it can be used continuously for 156 hours. The body is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum and is available for sale in different colors: blue, pink, titanium, bronze and black. This flashlight is powered by three LR44 model button cells. Its dimensions are only 3.18cm * 1.5cm and its waterproof is given by the ipx8 standard so it is submersible up to 2m deep. For the management of the interface there is no switch but just rotate the head clockwise to turn on the light and anticlockwise to turn it off. The maximum light intensity is 1572 uW/cm2 at a distance of 15 cm or 285 uW /cm2 at a distance of 38 cm. The diameter of the spot is 145 mm wide at a distance of 15 cm or it is 850 mm at a distance of 38 cm. Using this light is very simple. To turn on the light, simply rotate the head or tail of the light clockwise, to turn off the light, simply make a counterclockwise movement.

Tank007 CI05 UV

Small and compact UV torch for CSI and Forensic Security Inspection, very light and comfortable to carry, for example inside a pocket or bag. It is equipped with a UV LED which produces a beam with 365 nm and 6200 uW/cm2 at 15 cm and 950 uW/cm2 at a distance of 38cm. The diameter of the beam is 150mm at 300mm distance, 250mm at 500mm distance and 500mm at 1000mm distance. The dimensions of this lighthouse are extremely small: 33mm in diameter of the head and 159 mm in length of the body for a weight of 140 grams excluding battery (18650). The torch is made entirely of aeronautical aluminum with an anodized finish which makes this torch extremely robust, long-lasting, resistant to scratches, abrasions and bad weather. Fall resistance is given up to 1.5 meters in height. The hard oxidation of the body also makes it extremely resistant to oxidation. The UV light produced can be useful in different scenarios: it is in fact possible to verify the authenticity of banknotes, verify the presence of fat, verify the presence of bodily fluids or it can be used for the treatment of resins that harden in UV light. Water resistance is given according to the IPX7 standard.

Tank007 UV340

It is a small AA size flashlight equipped with a UV LED capable of detecting immunochromatographic antigen reagent. This detection of fluorescent reagents is simple to use and convenient to carry. In fact, Esa is very small and very light, it fits comfortably in a pocket or handbag. Thanks to the particular UV light that this flashlight radiates, it is able to detect the immunological test reagent for SARS-CoV-2. This flashlight is available for purchase in two different colors: black and white. The flashlight is made of T6061 aluminum so it is resistant to shocks, scratches and wear. Measurements are 72mm in length while the diameter of the body is 21mm, the height is 17mm. The weight including the battery is only 21 grams. At the back the flashlight has a small ring that can be used to attach a key ring, to attach small carabiners and wrist straps. Given its extreme compactness and lightness, this light is very comfortable to carry, for example inside a jeans pocket or inside a handbag. Furthermore, UV light can be used not only to detect reagents in immunoassays, but can also be used for room inspections, checking banknotes, and checking for the presence of bodily fluids.

Tank007 UV6100

Professional lamp for detecting biological traces such as pet urine stains and pest control. The power of the lamp is 3 W and can provide a very high UV effective radiation intensity close to 1500 mW/cm2. 3 in 1 optical system design, suitable for spot effect of trace detection. This flashlight has an electronic side button switch and is powered by a single 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery which guarantees a total autonomy of over 3 hours.

UV lights as we have seen can be useful in everyday life for various reasons. One of the major producers of this type of light is Tank007 which, as we have seen, produces models of all types and for any type of requirement, even the most specific. We are used to seeing these lights used on TV in films where crime scenes are analyzed, in fact these lights allow us to detect biological traces and body fluids but their use actually involves many other applications. They are also used in industrial environments for checking machinery and pipes and for detecting oil leaks, but they are also effectively used as a germicide and disinfectant of surfaces and objects. They are also useful for analyzing counterfeit banknotes and documents. In short, UV light is very useful and we should all have such a product at home.

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